1. azzu

    Dell's Next Android Phones: Flash, Thunder, and Smoke

    First Engadget showed us a Windows Phone 7 beauty, the Dell Lightning, and now they're showing off Dell's Android offerings: Flash, Thunder, and Smoke. They're all lookers in their own ways and full of appealing features. The Thunder has a 4.1-inch WVGA OLED screen to show off a "heavily'...
  2. R

    Please suggest -smoke from sata harddisk

    Hi friends, 6 months ago i bought an sata external casing, used a 500 gb wd sata harddisk with it,then put that hdd in system and put a 250 gb pata harddisk in it[by changing the cables that came with it] today i purchased a samsung harddisk -sata 1 tb[ HD103UJ 1TB for Rs 4700] in lucknow...
  3. jxcess3891

    Do u smoke/ Drink?

    Do u smoke/ Drink?
  4. K

    Hookah smoking:Myth OR Reality??

    Is it true that hookah smoking is safer than smoking cigarettes:confused: and also that Flavoured hookah which comes in different flavours like vanilla,chocolate etc when smoked has no tobacco content in it:-? PS: Dnt smoke hookah but wanted to know excatly what it has cozz frnds who smoke say...
  5. go4saket

    Call Of Duty 5 World At War (Ready 2 Fire)

    Good news! COD 5 is out and will try it tomorrow. I had been waiting for this for so long and at last it will be in my hands tomorrow. So guys, get it for yourself and smoke out your guns... Keep posting updates and other info related to this... Ciao...
  6. U

    should we concern abt TLB bug in phenom

    hi friends should we really concern abt TLB bug in phenom or it is fixed completly, why iam saying is due to price slash x3 8640 is now compete with e7200 and iam not saying it will smoke right away but the plotform which it has is a power full enough to smoke upcoming G45 yes iam saying abt...
  7. harryneopotter

    Frame Rates prob in COD2 ....

    Hi friends my config good enuff to play COD2 ? Config: AMD 3600+ AM2 Nvidia 6150 onboard 512 x 2 667 mhz dual channel Hitachi 160 GB 3.0 Gbps LG 700E 17" CRT i am playing Call of duty 2 with lowest settings possible 640 x 480 AA: off Refresh rate: 85 hz Texture filtering...
  8. D

    Sata power adaptor burnt..

    Hi, Today I got changed my SMPS. After connecting everything I started my PC and got smell of some insulation burning. I switched off. To my utter surprise I found that the SATA power adaptor is burning with smoke. The insulating cover got porus. Please suggest what should I do.. Thanks in advance..
  9. 24online

    Hookah as bad as cigarettes: WHO

    Hookah as bad as cigarettes: WHO GENEVA: Water-pipe smoking may pose the same health risks as cigarettes, the World Health Organization said on Tuesday, adding that more scientific research was needed into the link between hookah use and a number of fatal illnesses. "Using a water pipe...
  10. S

    Trouble with the hard disk..

    Hi friends I have a seagate 80gb hard disk...i bought an IDE to USB convertor from Nehru Place to connect it from my laptop...May the adaptor for the power supply to the hard drive was faulty...and the result of this was that there was a short circuit and kind of smoke came out from the hard...
  11. koolbluez

    Fog..Smoke..effects here!! (+correct under/overexposed pics)

    Smoke & fog do add obscurity to a pic. It also gives a chance to experiment. So, here is a method to bring in some smoke into ur pics!!! Of course, u don't need to burn ur pics ;) Pics for Aamir fans: Aamir - The Rising (scanned from Outlook) Aamir - The RangDeBasanti look (scanned...
  12. V

    Java script smoke

    Is it possible to create smoke effect in javascript using particles can someone help me getting the code for this tried google and finally found a software particle illusion for creating smoke clouds etc but is it possible to create these in javascript ?
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