should we concern abt TLB bug in phenom

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hi friends
should we really concern abt TLB bug in phenom
or it is fixed completly, why iam saying is due to price slash x3 8640 is now compete with e7200 and iam not saying it will smoke right away but the plotform which it has is a power full enough to smoke upcoming G45 yes iam saying abt 780G
why iam saying all this because iam very intersted towords the developments in IGP
iam looking forword to tech gurus here to predict or expect a good nvidia IGP for intel plotform(already 8200,8300 for AMD)


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TLB bug is already fixed and you need not worry about that. AMD's triple core phenom is not related to the TLB bug but more like any processor having a faulty core can be shipped as a triple core with the fourth core disabled.

It perfectly fills the gap between dual core and quad core. With Phenom x3 beating Intel Core2Duo, it's going to be an interesting battle to watch. :)


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The TLB bug has been fixed already. And yea the X3's and 8200/8300 boards like the Zotac 8200 make for awesome VFM.
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