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  1. escape7

    Finalizing PC Build, need help to reduce costs

    Hey guys, I am upgrading from a MacBook Air to an Assembled PC. Budget is approx 86.5K. As I live/work in Singapore, the parts will be sourced from here and SGD 1800 is the max that I can stretch (Have done a conversion to Rupees). The build is a little over the budget but i'd have to wait a...
  2. theserpent

    Where should I do my mba?

    Now,I'm in my 1st year B.com,My Uncle who is in US,said me to come to usa for my mba.Now he also said that I should vist next year may to check out the colleges and other various courses offered,from what I have heard it's better to do MBA in Either US or singapore as it's much much cheaper than...
  3. icebags

    BSNL routing connections to Singapore / East Asia via US.

    There are probably many angry BF3 or other MP games players around who are having trouble to find a server with good ping with BSNL. Earlier I used to get very good pings (sub 100ms) with Singapore and around, but for last few months they have gone up drastically. Here is the explanations why...
  4. blademast3r

    Need help debugging my ping issue

    Hey guys Need some help from you awesome digitians to debug my ping issue. Here is some background. My internet connection(Airtel broadband) recently had some frequent DC issues. After almost a month of crap from CC/ Airtel presence. They did a whole bunch of stuff and replaced my modem. Quite...
  5. T

    Problem Regarding bsnl Broadband..

    Friends... i am using bsnl broadband for about 2 years... was getting abt 100-150 ping on singapore servers (even 350 sometimes...) ...about 250 on eu... till that so called cyber attack... now its jumping to about 600 on singapore servers and 400 on eu servers... i Resetted my modem to factory...
  6. aakashshivatch

    need advice

    guys i'm going to buy a lappy within 70k which should have full hd display and atleast 500gb hdd my sis is going to singapore so i'll buying it frm there so pls advice me on this she's going on 14
  7. kg11sgbg

    Unable to open websites/webpages

    I am unable to open: Welcome to Indian Railway Passenger reservation Enquiry Lenovo - Laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks, Desktops, Computers & Accessories - Singapore (SG) Cooler Master - Leading Provider of Computer Case | Cooler | Power...
  8. K

    Apple iPhone 4: 32GB Factory Unlocked (Singapore), Used for 1 Year, Excellent Cond.

    I'm selling the iPhone 4 I bought from Singapore on July 30th, 2010. I paid 70 SGD for a 24-month extra contract and, if this doesn't serve any purpose to you, it at least verifies the date which the iPhone 4 was bought. Includes: -iPhone 4, Factory Unlocked on 4.3.3 and Jailbroken Excellent...
  9. satyamy

    Has anybody travelled to Australia via Singapore ?

    My Friend is flying to Australia via Singapore this Saturday on a few months trip, he will be carrying his Laptop Since trip is little long so he have lots of movie in Laptop I know their will be no problem in Australia but One of my friend said that Piracy is not allowed in Singapore...
  10. pickster

    Buying iPhone 4 from Singapore

    Someone I know is going to Singapore in a few days and the first thought that struck me was getting a factory unlocked iPhone 4 from there. The Singapore Apple Store lists a price of around S$ 888.00 but I read somewhere that it was without taxes. And it is "currently unavailable" on the...
  11. cool.aquarian

    Buy iPhone 4 from US or Singapore?

    Which is preferable? My close relative is in US, who is returning to India very soon. He enquired about iPhone in US without contract. The Customer Sales Rep kept insisting that even if he buy without contract, he cannot use at other place by any means. Also said that latest iPhone IOS...
  12. iinfi

    Saina wins Singapore Open Super Series crown

    Saina wins Singapore Open Super Series crown
  13. V

    Nokia N97 - Light Used For sale (Mint Condition) 32 GB storage 5 Mp

    Hey guys want to sell my 2 Months N97 which i got as a gift from a friend of mine from Singapore. Warranty : No warranty as bought from Singapore. Have had no troubles with the phone. Condition: 9/10. have use it with Pouch from the very first days and a Screen Guard as well. Would have...
  14. bbalegere

    Stuff to buy in Singapore?

    What gadgets,components,peripherals.would you buy if you were visting Malayasia and Singapore? Which gadgets are very cheap(including customs duty) in Singapore when compared to India? I think i will buy Kingston high performance RAM.
  15. ax3

    VSNL Plans Undersea Cable Linking Southeast Asia

    VSNL plans to spend US$200 million to build an undersea communications cable system between Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines, and potentially Vietnam, the company said late Wednesday. The new cable highlights the rapidly growing demand for data and telecommunications bandwidth in...
  16. N

    iPod Nano 4GB (only Kolkata) new

    I received an iPod as gift and am willing to sell it off. Its a 4GB iPod Nano (Silver) with box and singapore invoice. I got it on 21/2/2007 . Expecting around 10K.
  17. R

    Need Help with this

    Hi friends........... I am purchasing a new motherboard(for conroe) and also a graphic card. I want to know where it is cheaper ??? In Singapore or Malaysia ???? Please post soon Thank you
  18. s18000rpm

    Import Tax on PC Parts

    I just wanted to know, how much TAX is put on PC Parts/Items, such as Motherboard, Processor, Graphics Card when we import them from countries such as USA, Singapore... My friend said it was 200% :shock:, but he was unsure.
  19. A

    Buy computer in singapore

    Hi I may be going to singapore and malaysia.Could you please tell me checp shops and online shops for buying: amd 3500 winchester/venice msi k8n neo2 motherbaord 512mb X 2 ddr 400 or higher corsair , twinmos creative sb live 24bit dvd rw
  20. P

    buyin 6600 gt fm singapore

    my friend is coming fm singapore on 5th jan..so i need 2 know fast. does 6600 agp 8x run on 4x slot?(asus n266vm mobo?) i'll post its cost l8r. some prices of 6600 cards in singapore. AOPEN GeForce 6600GT 128MB DDR SGD399.00 ELSA GeForce PCX6600 128MB DDR SGD295.00 GAINWARD...
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