1. mohityadavx

    Connect to Two Wifi Connection Simultaneously

    Hey So I am using Windows 7 Home Premium and I want to connect to two wifi connections simultaneously. The thing is that I want to combine the two connection using Connectify Dispatch, one connection is college wifi and second is hotspot created from mobile (Lumia 520 doesnt support USB...
  2. S

    Suggestion for RJ45 splitter?

    Hi, Currently I am using BEAM broadband for my desktop that doesn’t have modem and getting the connection through a RJ45 wire. Now I got a laptop too and I want to get internet on laptop and desktop both simultaneously. Should I use a RJ45 splitter for the same? I don’t want to spend much for...
  3. V

    want to buy a new audio device

    is there any audio device which i can connect to my pc,laptop,smartphone,tablet....something like a boombox...or any good quality speakers which can be connected to all the above devices not simultaneously but atleast one by one!!!i would really like to know so please help....
  4. A

    Hw do i run both wndows and linux simultaneously..?

    guys how do i run both windows and linux simultaneously.. ? Is it using virtual boxes..?
  5. A


    HELLO FRNDS Can any one send me that software, through which i can log in simultaneously with my three Id'es of yahoomail at a single time, means i want to be remain logged in at,, simultaneously.....please if u can help me, its my email please send it...
  6. B

    Simultaneous Audio Output

    Hello People Can someone help me out with this. How can I play a game (hl2 here) & channel its output over a headphone jack while simultaneously playing a song over speakers for everyone else to hear?
  7. R

    Using Two Internet connction Simultaneously

    How to Use Two Internet connction Simultaneously :oops: I have one bsnl 750 unlimited plan connection and another tata indicom plug to surf How can I use both connection simultaneously :oops: any software will do it ???:?:
  8. mayhbp

    Cant connect to dataone simulatneously

    Well i've read the posts through the forums even though my problem is mentioned here and there i cauld not find a concrete solution. I have a Dlink 502 t router, a netgear switch, and a laptop(xp prof) and a desktop( vista ). I have connected my routers o/p to the switches i/p and the two...
  9. sravan

    Accessing Internet In 4 Computers

    I want to access internet in 4 computers in my room simultaneously. How can I do it?
  10. A

    FS: Spice 88n Cellphone with Warranty

    Hi I have Spice D88n cellponde for Sale. It is bought in Jun'08 and I have the Orig Bill & warranty. It has Bluetooth, 256MB Mini SD Card, 2 Batteries, Charger, Data Cable & Handsfree and also the orig Box. It is Dual Mode Handset - works on CDMA & GSM simultaneously. I am asking Rs...
  11. kanu2k7

    Dual Internet Connection

    Hi!!!! I have two internet connection with me which gives me a speed of almost 2mbps each. I need to know that i have 2 Lan cards on my pc and that how can i use these 2 connection simultaneously, getting a speed of 4mbps combined. Is it possible? Help! Thanks!!!
  12. N

    How to use two mobile internet connections simultaneously

    Hello Guys, I am having this airtel internet connection which is working perfectly. Actually my brother is also using the same connections. So I was just thinking of connecting both of them to same PC so that there will be an increase in the speed. However there is no visible increase,Also...
  13. S

    Chemical brain controls nanobots

  14. trublu

    connecting to internet via bluetooth

    I've two computers-a desktop and a laptop.I want to connect the two and my Nokia 6630 via bluetooth so that i can access the net from the computers( i might use both the computers simultaneously) using the cell's GPRS connection. All three will be connected via bluetooth .Any help???:oops:
  15. O

    Using Airtel net simultaneously..Need guidance

    I am using Airtel broadband connection..i connect the ADSL modem to my desktop via USB & to my laptop via the LAN cable..but i can connect to net from either one of them at one time...wat i want to know is if its possible to connect to net simultaneously from both the machines or not? even if...
  16. S


    hi i wanna a video conferecing software using which i can see images/video and listen voice simultaneously of the person with whom i chatting or in contact over internet.... means like yahoo web cam, i can see the other person on the screen image/video using good quality web cam (but full...
  17. davinci

    Help me with Rapidshare!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hav tried may leeching softwares but everything failed.Rapidleecher v5, Rapget etc failed to download even 1% and Rapidown although downloaded the files, all of them turned out to be corrupted.Pls tell me what to do/I need a software that can download from rs many files simultaneously. Pls hlp
  18. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    How to Use Net On Laptop n Desktop simultaneously

    How to use Net On Laptop n Desktop simultaneously i hv bsnl broadband connected to desktop now i wnt to use net on laptop too how ?? waitin for reply
  19. A

    ::::::::::connecting to net..................

    hey how do i access net from my desktop using my mobile GPRS....also can i use it and my dialup simultaneously??
  20. Ray

    How to listen to 2 different songs using headphone and speaker simultaneously?

    How to listen to 2 different songs using headphone and speaker simultaneously?
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