1. seamon

    setting up BSNL BB vs Sify.

    I am considering getting the uld 1425 plan. After I got the connection and stuff, should I buy a WiFi modem or is the default one good enough?? Any Sify users?
  2. seamon

    Best ISP in Dehradun.

    I am considering a new plan for Internet for heavy downloading in Dehradun. Currently I am using Airtel 3G @1555 pm(12GB data). I wanted something like 2mbps UL without FUP. I found Sify nearby and the salesman offered me 2mbps UL without FUP for 2k pm. He also said that the installation will...
  3. Y

    help me to choose between bsnl broadband and sify?

    I need unlimited broadband connection for my,which will be better bsnl or sify? Btw i am from patna.
  4. T

    Sify Broadband Discussion

    Lets discuss about Sify Broadband. Availability is over 200 cities, so quiet impressive. How are its services? Post your reviews here.
  5. S

    Review on sify broadband

    Hi, Want to change my Bsnl 750+ to sify's wireless 499 broadband. Sify provide 384kps(day)/512kbps(night) unlimited usage for Rs 499 at my area. Doesn't know much about about sify , should i go for it ? If any one using Sify please provide your valuable review. Thanks
  6. L

    [Guwahati Members] List & Best ISP?

    As stated in the title i was just curious over the number of ISP out here. State your experience with the particular ISP, if you have any. Would be great if you could provide their site as well contact details. Some ISP i know are: 1) BSNL - Obvious, never really used it. Experienced it at cafe...
  7. V

    [HELP]2 different isp on same network

    Hello, My friend currently have Sify broadband connection shared with 3 pc's. He now wants an another internet connection(INSTAnet) in case Sify fails.. He is using iBall wireless router for sify, Is it possible to connect 2 routers to a Ethernet switch which will connect all pc's? pc1 pc2...
  8. T

    looking for a sytem like sify

    hi i own a isp company in my city i cover almost all my city areas,to sistribute high speed broadband connection,now i am looking to make a system like sify net,in which when user starts their net connection it ask them for an username and password as you may see in sify ,so i want to know waht...
  9. L

    Sify Broadband Woes....Help!

    I really don't know what else to do rather than call call call but to no avail! I'm on UN51 service plan of sify and what happens under this plan is that my speed is suppose to change to 512 starting from 10 in the night to 8 in the morning, so i just don't f-in understand why that isn't so for...
  10. R

    Sify Data Transfer=DL+UL??????

    is the data transfer limit of sify based on Upload + download or download only
  11. D

    Any MAC-mini users here in India?

    Any mac-mini users here ? I hope there will be few atleast . Through Bootcamp can I install vista with leopard in mac mini ? do Mac supported internew softwares ( like sify ) are available to surf internet in india using a Mac? I dont have MTNL I use sify .
  12. bravo007

    Getting very very..... slow speed with sify broadband

    Hello Friends :p I am using sify broadband 256kbps(400MB+Night Unlimited). For this plan i should get downloading speed about 30KBps.:) Bur the problem is that i am not getting this much speed regulerly,i mean when i start downloading any file at 10.00pm in night i get very less...
  13. dhanusaud

    Sify Broadband

    Guys, I m using sify broadband. Really it's client is worst (in my opinion), bcoz sify broadband client only accepts antivirus like norton, macfee, trend micro to be installed. It doesn't accepts antivirus like nod32, or kaspersky as I want to use nod32 or kav. how can i use client without...
  14. victor_rambo

    Everyday 2-3 girls ask "Are you single?" or "Are you looking for better job"

    I am tired of receiving these mails from rediffmail and sify in my inbox. I signed up with sify and then also with rediffmail. But these advertisers won't leave me alone anywhere. Are these advertisers dumb? Do they think we need to receive their ads everyday? or rather does SicFy or Rediff...
  15. bravo007

    Does sify adds total bytes downloaded and total bytes uploaded as total bytes used???

    Hello friends plz guide me. I have sify broadband connection (400MB Limit with 128kbps speed). Yesterday i have downloaded about 100MBs of data from torrent(Client: BitComet) and uploaded about 120MBs of data while downloading. I was thinking that i have used only 100MBs of data but sify...
  16. amitabhishek

    Problem with Sify Dialer in Linux

    Hi, I use a trash called sify dialer to connect to internet. I am on Ubuntu 7.04. The problem is frequent disconnections. The connection keeps on faltering after say every 10-20 minutes. However if I boot into XP, the connection remains uniterrupted. I don't understand this. Since I hate...
  17. hayabusa_ryu

    Want to know SIFY BROADBAND Connection!!!

    hello guys, I hope that u r all happy. I m happy too. But I m offering u one problem, U can better say it is a question. Can anyone say about sify broadband means what the real speeds it offers? A guy(Sify promoter) told me that Sify give u 60KBps(yes KBps!!!) downloading speed in ur...
  18. N


    Hi, i am facing a great problem to hide my mac address. Well my problem in brief is, my isp authenticates me by my ip and mac address, now any person with a ipscanner can detect my ip and mac address. So by cloning my ip and mac address they are able to use my net connection. I am getting damn...
  19. S

    Sify broadband client with ubuntu GG

    guyz,i renewed my sify acc today. as i use sify now ,i was wondering how can we make sify client work with Ubuntu 7.10(gusty gibbon). Or any other method to login. please help guyz. thanx
  20. A

    Sify Broadband or Plug2Surf Query - Urgent

    Hi Guys, I am in a dilemma, whether to go for Sify broadband or plug2surf. Which of these 2 will give me better performance regarding download speed and browsing speed? I require a lot of downloading. Uploading speed is not that important. Plans I have been suggested are: Sify...
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