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  1. S

    A Gaming LAPTOP around Rs.65,000

    1) What is your budget? Around 60,000...i can extend it to 65,000 max... 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Doesnt matter...a 15.6 inch will b heavier for sure... 3) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook? I'll be...
  2. akhilc47

    Best Gamepad for FIFA

    I've two options f310 and xbox wired controller. Which one will serve better for fifa? And what about support to other games? Let's say racing games.
  3. mediator

    Marks & Spencer apologizes after saying Muslim staff may refuse to serve customers pork and alcohol

    Read More : Marks & Spencer apologizes after saying Muslim staff may refuse to serve customers pork and alcohol - The Times of India Fore reference : Secularism implies that religious practicies shall not interfere in the workings and the progress of the state!
  4. coolnikhil

    Using TP-8968 for wireless printing

    Hey guys.. I need a new router+ adsl modem.. I am using a MTNL internet for my home. I want to print from my samsung scx-3400 from my laptop wirelessly. Will this router serve this purpose.? Thanks
  5. R

    How reliable is Serve Pro warranty thing ?

    I'm seeing on ebay that dealers are selling imported products like cellphones and stating Serve Pro warranty which includes both software and hardware thing. Like for this item :Samsung galaxy...
  6. M

    UPS neccessity.......????

    Hi,i wanted to know how much important is having a UPS???I dont need that extra 10 mins ,because i hardly work with important documents that i need to save.Apart from giving those extra 10 mins does UPS serve any other purpose???I have heard that its protects our pc from voltage fluctuations,is...
  7. sanoob.tv

    Organise your pictures wallpapers

    i have around more than 20,000 of wallpapers in one single folder,which includes automobile,nature,wildlife,celebs,and so on.i sat one whole night organising the same.bt its taking forever to do the same. is there an easy way for this? i tried picasa,and adobe.bt it didnt serve the...
  8. topgear

    NanoSSD Plugs Directly Into SATA Slot

    Elecom Japan is launching two nanoSSDs in a few weeks that can plug into a SATA motherboard slot. This seemed like utter coolness: an SSD that can plug directly into a SATA motherboard slot. Announced earlier today in Japan, Elecom's two new nanoSSDs--the ESD-IDSAA series--measures 25 x...
  9. ECE0105

    Help me Buy an MP3 Player.

    Hi People, I am in need of an MP3 Player and I require the following features 1) Shud be powered by a Single AAA Size Battery (These are not a hassle to lug around). 2) Would be great if it supports a Memory Card (MMC or SD, since I have a few of these lying around). This is optional...
  10. A

    Where to get Ubuntu DVD

    In place of adding more to the already lengthy post, I am creating a new thread with new related questions. Where can I get Ubuntu DVD? if it has all the needed s/w in the repositiory (Universe?). And that brings another question. That may serve for my laptop with the Combo drive, whast about...
  11. rajat22

    6 gmail invitation

    Send your Name and e-mail addresses, first come first serve.
  12. F

    Panvel BroadBand??

    anyone knows ny local broadband providers in Panvel area....??? i tried callin' sify but they don't serve it at present
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