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  1. dharmil007

    Laptop Keyboard Problem

    Sony Vaio VPCM126AG. it has selection sort of problem. The problem persists in Windows as well as BIOS. What happens is : In BIOS, u need to select values using UP-DOWN Arrow Keys. So while the selection is stable on one value, it automatically goes UP-DOWN on every value. &...
  2. H

    GPU Selection

    My Desktop has the following configuration: P-IV with HT, 3.0 GHZ, 2 GB DDR1 RAM, P5G-TVM Asus Motherboard, PCI Express x16 1.0. I intend to instal a Graphic Card on the Desktop. Please tell me which one of the following Graphic Cards will give trouble-free performance on my Desktop PC: (i)...
  3. S

    Confused in TV selection

    Hi all. I am confused between choices in selecting a tv and brand.(budget <35k) 1) Should i go for a 32" full hd lcd or 32" hd lcd is ok?(Led is too costly) Any gain in selecting full hd? 2) Also is 26" enough instead of 32? So that 26" hd led tv will be fine? 3) Confused between...
  4. M

    Please help me answer this maths question

    1. A bag contains printed articles of 4 different kinds: periodicals, novellas, newspapers and notebooks. When 4 articles are drawn from the bag without replacement, the following events are equally likely: the selection of 4 periodicals the selection of 1 novella and 3 periodicals the...
  5. S


    hi guys...i'm thinking of pursuing higher studies after engg ,but i don't want to pursue any degree in technology field so i'm thinking of management . I just have a basic idea about cat exam ,but about its portion and college selection i'm completely blind .so pls help me by telling how to...
  6. R

    CORSAIR PSU Selection -----

    Hi, Friends........ I want to know from a experienced guys like you that which model should be the best selection???? Which Corsair PSU is best between the range 600w to 650w?? My max budget is Rs. 4,500.
  7. A

    Motherboard Selection

    Guys please help me out with the selection of motherboard of the 2 i mention here.. 1) Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3 Motherboard OR 2) MSI 790GX-G65 Sideport Memory u r free to suggest other motherboards compatible with phenom ii and core i5.. please do take note that..my budget for...
  8. A

    in-ear headphones

    Please help me choose between sennheiser cx 400-ii,cx 870,bose ie2,klipsch image s4.Do suggest me something else within 5000/-.I have narrowed down my selection to the sennheiser cx 870,and I want to know if there are any known issues with it.
  9. R

    Know Your PSU

    What is PSU or SMPS? Power Supply Information and Selection
  10. saswat23

    PSU Selection. Help!!! Its URGENT..

    I am looking for a good PSU for around 2.5k. The dealer here has only FSP SAGAII 500W and CX-430. Both are for 2.6k. I know CX-400 would have been a better choice here but the dealer says he can't get it. So, which one should i opt for. Plz reply ASAP coz i have to give him the final selection...
  11. Rahim

    Congrats to new custodians of TDF

    I noticed that some regualr ones have been given the resposibilty to maintain TDF and try to restore glory days. Fine selection of next generation mods indeed. Congrats to new elevated members and hope the duty will be discharged properly.
  12. D

    xp not staring

    guys, my hard disk was givving trouble so i took it to someoen and he installed 2 xp i n different drives and gave the system was running succesfully there. But when i came back home and connected the harddisk,it got detected first,then the OS selection menu came but when i select any of the...
  13. IronCruz

    Pakistani Game....

    :shock: India has never developed a good game...Ghajini and hanuman was rated below 3 out of ten. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cricket_Revolution Just look at this game developed by pakistani's, it's game play is better than EA cricket(Not graphics). But there are lots of shot selection...
  14. NucleusKore

    SOS Children launches Wikipedia for Schools

    Source: http://www.soschildrensvillages.org.uk/charity-news/wikipedia-for-schools.htm I have the above with me as a DVD. Those of you who are interested in obtaining a personal copy may contact me by email or telephone for the same. The charges are Rs. 30 per DVD plus shipping as actuals. No...
  15. gaurav_indian

    Dravid is out of the team!

    It looks like Vengsarkar has some ego clashes with Rahul.And howcome Sehwag is in the team again without performing.:mad: Badrinath,Raina,Tewari they are performing well in the Challenger series but it looks like there is no use.:mad: Here is an article...
  16. G

    group discussion (URGENT)

    hi frenz... any1 knows where can i find contents for various topics on gd .. as im in my final yr b.tech. n going through campus selection ,so pls tell any area to see for it ... thanx in advance .
  17. K

    printing by selection

    Hi Guys, I have got Adobe Reader 7.0. I can view all the files with the help of Adobe Reader 7.0. But the problem I am facing is that I cannot take print by selecting what I need. But I take print of all pages. I think it has been made default so by the copyright owners of the CD-ROM. Is...
  18. P

    speaker selection

    hi can neone suggest me good speakers for a range of 3-5k(2.1 or 5.1)
  19. ninad_mhatre85

    os selection......

    i have installed fresh copy of winxp sp2 few days back(only 1 os i hv) but after 2-3 days from no where there were 2 options for os selection i dont know from wher it came..... so i edited the boot menu and removed the other os path and it looks like ******** [boot loader] timeout=7...
  20. sujeet2555

    screen goes black

    l have 845gl via motherboard,mx 4000,512 mb ddr ,window xp sp1 and dont 'remember version of graphic driver.after playing some game ,after reboot,it shows some nv--.dll file is missing ,insert system disk.then after it post and os selection and then screen goes black.monitor is on and cpu...
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