1. P

    gen query on wifi security by ISPs

    Hi friends...I was wondering what type of security is be implemented by ISP's providing WiFi internet. When I run inSSIDer on my laptop I find some SSIDs listed (By their name they appear as ISP names) eg. SSID name is set as <ISP name>-<area> and the network security is OPN (Open) however you...
  2. I

    Security Measures in Internet Cafe

    Most of us visit Internet cafes often as it is often faster than our home internet connection so we often go for downloading HD videos , Songs etc, also many people go to internet cafe for official purposes. There they transfer money from their bank accounts, Check mails and do different...
  3. H

    HP Laptop:Decision Time

    Hi, 1) What is your budget? 65K 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Doesn't matter that much 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? a. Like: None b. Dislike: None 4) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this...
  4. Flash

    iPhone 5s fingerprint sensor 'hacked' within days of launch

    iPhone 5s fingerprint sensor 'hacked' within days of launch - Telegraph A group of German hackers has found a way to bypass Apple's TouchID, and claims that fingerprint biometrics is an unsuitable method of access control. The group, known as the Chaos Computer Club (CCC), demonstrated that a...
  5. R

    AVG Internet Security 2014 / AVG Antivirus Pro 2014 FREE 1 year

    AVG Internet Security 2014 / AVG Antivirus Pro 2014 FREE 1 year AVG Internet Security 2014 32bit AVG Internet Security 2014 64bit...
  6. V

    best anti virus software

    i need i anti virus software Eset Smart Security Version 6 Eset Smart Security Version 6 1 PC 1 Year - Buy Eset Smart Security Version 6 1 PC 1 Year Online at Best Prices in India - Eset | or Norton Internet Security 2013 Norton Internet Security 2013 1 PC 1 Year - Buy...
  7. rosemolr

    Software Hack Lets Feature Phones Jam Calls, Texts Within 75 Miles

    There's something uniquely scary about the idea of your calls being jammed. Good news! It turns out blocking calls and texts to certain phones is pretty easy. Hackers have figured out how to turn a feature phone into a "jammer" with just a few software modifications. The hack was developed by a...
  8. S

    Quick Heal deleting activators

    Hello everyone, I have a collection of software's with activators and keygens in my hdd. I had Kaspersky Internet Security installed and all the files were intact. Few days back It got expired so I purchased Quick Heal Total Security and after installation it deleted all...
  9. H

    Uplay hacked. Change your password.

    Security update regarding your Ubisoft account - please create a new password | Forums
  10. RBX

    Hyundai Fake Interview Call Letter

    I received an e-mail from hr@hyundaimotorsindia dot co dot in with following contents - HYUNDAI MOTORS INDIA LIMITED Head Office: Hyundai Motors I ndia Limited, A 30, Mohan Industrial Estate New Delhi, DL 110044 Email: [ Hr@hyundaimotorsindia dot co dot in ] Tel: +919599943395 (10:00 AM TO...
  11. TheLetterD

    Which Anti-Virus/I.S. to go for?

    Okay so recently I used an old External HDD on my PC. The last time I used this one (160GB, Lacie) I was using WinXP on my PC(Yep, that old), and I found a Virus called Win 32:Kackucha. Did a bit of googling, wild-arse virus. So a quick question (that MAY be followed up with another one)...
  12. H

    Adobe wants Ninite to stop rolling out crapware-free Flash

    Not cool, Adobe: Give the Ninite guys a job, not the middle finger ? The Register
  13. RBX

    Storing answer to security question

    I use salted hashing on passwords and store salt in plaintext, but am doubtful on what to do with security answers, is there an accepted practice ? I have a general idea regarding this, that includes converting multiple spaces to single, trimming leading and trailing spaces, converting to...
  14. $ingh

    ESET Smart Security 6 Launched in India

    ESET, the leader in proactive protection against digital threats, announced release of 6th version of its consumer products ESET NOD32 Antivirus and ESET Smart Security along with exciting "1+1" offer on retail products. ESET NOD32 Antivirus 6 will provide Indian consumers with even faster...
  15. ramakanta

    Security Warning

    whenever i want to register a form or save a form in any websites or log In a e-mail id or sign out a e- mail id, Security Warning message displayed . what is it.??? what i will do ??
  16. M

    Help me in finding my career path in networking

    Hi, i am mohan (24), i have done my masters in digital communication and passed out in 2012, basically i am never good at softwares or programming and moreover i screwed myself just thinking once i get my master degree i will join in any college as assitant professor as it pays more and...
  17. M

    internet security

    hii i am getting a red crossed mark on the lock sign in the browser tab (where the ip address is written).i know that google searches are secure..and a green light ought to be does that mean that my computer security has been jeopardised??can anyone shed light on this plz?? thanx
  18. D

    Facebook Location Tracking please help

    hello i have a problem in accessing facebook with proxy, everytime i login to facebook its saying unathorized device/unrecognized locaiton. please help me how to get rid of this problem/stop this problem. i have checked the settings in privacy settings of my facebook account. im a...
  19. ratul

    Career in IT Security, need guidance.

    Ok, so now my final sem in has started, and it's time for me to start building up my profile for the job.. I have the plans to go further in Ethical hacking, most probably in OS exploitation, VAPT, network security kinda stuff. I took a course in Networking Security, currently...
  20. S

    US warns on Java software as security concerns

    US warns on Java software as security concerns escalate - Technology on
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