1. ajayritik

    Need a software to check HDD life or issues/Bad Sectors

    Can someone suggest a software that will be able to check if there are any issues with HDD like Bad sectors or any other small issues. I have 3-4 HDD's which need to be checked if they are good. I remember using a software which suggested issue with one of the HDD. Kindly help.
  2. SaiyanGoku

    Seagate India Refund Query

    I purchased a 1 TB seagate expansion USB 3.0 drive in september 2013. I had to get it RMA'd in Spetember 2014 because it had massive amount of bad sectors. I lost around 80 GB of data. They gave me a refurbished drive. Now, the refurbished one has started to have bad sectors again and...
  3. flyingcow

    Reallocated sectors warnings, what do they mean?

    Hey guy i downloaded hwinfo and say a caution sign besides my HDD, so i downloaded crystal disk info and say that it said , caution relocated sectors count : 8 and an error below says reallocated sectors count threshold 36, what does this mean is my hdd about to die? Do i need to take a...
  4. S

    WD external HD - Too many bad sectors detected

    My 2TB Western Digital My Passport has stopped working abruptly, only after 8 months of use. It did not fall or anything like that. One moment it was working fine and when I reconnected it 5 minutes later, windows failed to detect it. Went to disk management, it showed disk needs to be...
  5. M

    Bad sectors in hdd

    I hv 750gb Seagate hdd in my laptop.i hv 40 bad sectors in my hdd.. I hv formatted my hdd to 0 from ubuntu gparted software.. Before there were 56 bad sectors but after formating still there are can i remove these remaining bad sectors...
  6. D

    [Query] How many Bad sectors before I can ask a disk replacement : Transcend

    How many Bad sectors before I can RMA a ext hdd ? mine shows 9 bad sectors which have been remapped. I have had some data loss too. Files became truncated by itself.. Also, Do they replace with new hdd with 0 bad sectors. or just a refurbished one ? (which can have some bad sectors though...
  7. sukesh1090

    Hard disk bad sectors.

    guys today i ran ubuntu 11.04 live cd and checked my samsung spinpoint F3(HD 103SJ) 1 TB is showing some bad sectors in it.gpart showed that there are about 607 bad sectors in one is it possible to recover those sectors?if yes then how? thank you.
  8. Blue Ripazah

    Bad sectors...

    can any body tell me how to fix bad sectors in os drive i hv tried the windows error check but it fails every there any good software which can repair the bad sector
  9. S

    [Want to Buy] need a 20/40/80 gb ide hard drive

    Should be 7200 rpm and ideally without any bad sectors. Delhi seller preferred for direct pick up and pay
  10. S

    20/40/80 GB Ide Hard Disk

    Preferably with zero bad sectors. Smaller and cheaper the better8-) In Nehru Place, 40 gb hard disk refurbished/new without bad sectors is available for 700 with 1 month warranty after fresh format with OS installation on the pc. Need it for an old P-3 machine to render it functional again...
  11. S

    bad sectors on hard drive

    recently i had to change my hard drive and bought a new one. also recently i started using ubuntu 10.04 alongwith windows xp. when i run the disk utility in ubuntu it states that drive contains some bad sectors. however scandisk in windows and also a free s.m.a.r.t. program i ran does not show...
  12. G

    Need utility for HDD's Bad Sectors?

    Hello, to all of you. I have a 250GB HDD, this hdd has some partitions with bad sectors on it, actually, whenever I start copying the data from this hdd to some another hdd then I get bad sectors error, When I check this hdd with Windows scandisk, so that scandisk can mark the bad sectors...
  13. hansraj

    Whats written in an unformatted new hard disk

    Guys I was just wondering what is actually written in a brand new HDD. We know that 0 and 1 written in all the sectors across the HDD makes our data worthwhile and random 0 and 1 is written by varios security agencies to wipe out the old data but what happens in case of a brand new hd. This...
  14. U

    Bad sectors!

    hi my 250gb sata hdd has bad sectors around 1000 in c drive, through disk checking and formatting it can to 4 , from that its not cleaning up, i visited seagate site and got SeaTools for DOS from it and took its data to another hdd & erased the disk completely(took around 3-4hours) installed...
  15. A

    Bad Bad Sectors

    Hi folks!!! my external hdd has developed some bad sectors. Although I repaired using the tool in XP. I am already aware of the fact that it just set the OS to ignore the bad sectors and want to know whether the drive would behave normally even if I connect it to anther system (eg my linux...
  16. lahratla

    Bad Sectors

    I am having a Windows XP SP3 loaded laptop that has a Hitachi 80 GB SATA HDD formatted with NTFS. One of the partition of 25GB in size has some bad sectors. When I try to fix the error, I hear rattling sound and the system hangs. This problem also happens occasionally when I try to copy or move...
  17. V

    Hard Drive keeps developing bad sectors repetedly

    I assembled a Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.2 Ghz with 2GB DDR2 RAM and Gigabyte 845 Intel chipset motherboard, LG DVD Writer and XFX NVidia Gefore 8400 512MB a year back. Purchased a Seagate barracoda 500GB @ 7200 rpm and it developed bad sectors in 6 months. I sent it to chennai as it was under...
  18. static_x

    Bad Sectors in HDD - Replacement

    My 500 gb Seagate hard drive [bought in july '08] is showing 2 bad sectors :-(...just wanted to know whether the disk is eligible for replacement or not?
  19. F

    Seagate SATA 250 GB Bad Sectors

    hi friends, My Seagate 250 gb hdd has developed Bad Sectors. I have 3 partitions C, D and E and so far only on C drive bad sectors are to be detected. Have a few questions - 1. Can i still use the other 2 partitions by formatting the C drive and not storing any data ? 2. Any way to Isolate...
  20. Z


    For sale: 40 GB HDD for 600+shipping You cant imagine the working of that HDD. Its really fast and user very rarely. Dont think of any bad sectors.
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