1. stellar

    Windows 10 Error

    I am getting this error when i try to open windows store error :The error code is 0x80072EE7, in case you need it . I am not able to open Internet explorer also. I searched on net for this error but couldn't get specific answer and solution.
  2. I

    Anyone here heard of Evgeny Morozov?

    Tired of seeing poor tech journalism in India with hardly any critique of any other aspect of the technology apart from the tech itself(digit included), I searched online for foreign journalists and found this guy! - Anyone else here...
  3. H

    PSU suggestion

    i have an i3 3220 processor and iball lpe223 400 psu i want to put a new graphics card like hd 7770 or r7 250 will psu support - - - Updated - - - i have searched everywhere on the net it says that my psu is 400w is it correct? - - - Updated - - - how does the W get used?
  4. S

    DMP Flash Light Codes

    Hello Everyone, I have a TVS MSP 355 DMP printer. Its Copy Mode, Draft & Roman lights are blinking continuously. Have searched the whole web for error codes but coud'nt find. Please help...
  5. S

    Help!, Cannot find the save file location of Thief

    I am stuck on a spooky chapter and I dont want to play it anymore, I found a save file which is just after it, But the problem is I cannot find the save file location, I've searched the documents, Users>appdata also but i cannot find it any where. Does anyone know where is the god damn save file?
  6. Ashokkumar01cbe

    Need some names of free web hosting services.

    Hai friends, I am planning to buy a .me based domain this week. Is there any free web hosting sites available. I searched in google and got some names like for free web hosting, is there any way to host my website for free?
  7. ankit.kumar010203

    Apps For Java Mobiles....Like NOKIA 5130 XPRESSMUSIC...

    Can You Tell me Some Good Apps For Java Mobiles....Like NOKIA 5130 XPRESSMUSIC...?? I Searched In Google...I Am Not Confirm To Download That which i have searched from google.....Because If The App Is Useless Then It Will Charges Data Of My Net And Wastage Of Time...!!:-?:-?
  8. A

    Increase Jar file size

    Hi , Friends recently I bought Samsung C3312 .It works nice but it has some Java file size limit .I want to change that limit.I searched on the internet but to vain. I tried the code *#52828378# but it doesn't work So if anyone knows the solution kindly post it here.
  9. mohityadavx

    Gpedit.msc missing!

    Ok i tried to run gpedit.msc via run searched it but its not there. What shall I do?
  10. blackpearl

    Need Wifi, Bluetooth manager for laptop

    I uninstalled the crap from my Samsung laptop including the software that lets me manage wifi and bluetooth. Now I need an alternative. It doesn't matter if it is two different software one each for wifi and bluetooth. I just need a simple way to turn on and off wifi and bluetooth connection on...

    cod mw,mods???

    im looking for Call of duty 4(MW) mods,to play against bots with my frnds,:lol: ie,play COD like Counter n my frnds on one side n bots being in the other, i searched d net n found one named pezbot,but it only have bot players,n no multi player option:cry:,Can any one help me...
  12. R

    Please help me to get a proper degree.

    Hi everybody, I have done a three year dilpoma course from a polytechnic way back in 2004-07.56% is what I have got.Then I took this foolish decision of not doing Btech(mainly because of my high percentage, parents also were not that much interested) and did MCSE and CCNA and wanted to pursue...
  13. S

    Racing Wheel !! best one??

    Hi friends! I want to buy a racing wheel. my budget is 2500. please suggest me which one is best and will work prefectely with PC. i searched on net and bit confused about the wheels. help me out !!!
  14. P

    Laptop Insurance ???

    Hi guyz.....:-) Last week I got Macbook pro 13inch with dual core i7 pro as a gift. My first semester as student of cse would be starting from first week of august. I am planning to use my mbp for the same. But yesterday I read some complaints about its heating problem and delicate screen...
  15. S

    ps2 or ps3 or xbox -- which one is best

    Hello All , i am planning to buy gaming console. Can you please suggest best console among ps2,ps3 ,xbox or any other. I have 29" Sony CRT tv. I have searched in google but does not help much hence posted here .. :).. pros n cons abt each console with CRT will be much appreciated.
  16. R

    Tips on using a RSS reader

    Hi i want to know which one among the several RSS readers is good.? I prefer text based interface like old opera versions. I searched for reviews online but not able to zero it up.. Any suggestions.?
  17. hjpotter92

    PCSX 2 recent troubles

    I was using PCSX 2 on my Core i7 a month or so ago. Later, I have had a clean reinstall on my system, but after that my PCSX isn't working. It fails every time after configuration. I have all the BIOS / plug-ins. I also have 3 games DVDs (NFS Carbon, TMNT and Burnout Dominator) and all were...
  18. V

    Samsung YP-Q1 CB PMP games

    where can i find Samsung YP-Q1 media players games to download(free) which come in .xov format?? i googled and also searched for torrents but no anyone know,please let me know.thanks
  19. Incredible Hulk

    Who are these people who made Chrome?

    Chrome is a very good browser. Everything about it, right from being lightweight, to the faster page loads and the auto fill feature is great. But when it comes to opening a pdf file it still uses the same f**king adobe which works like a dinosaur in this age of speed. I don't understand why...
  20. liquidsnake

    profile picture not showing in posts

    hello friends i uploaded my pic to the site i can see the pic in the user cp page but not in my posts :[ i searched the forum but couldnt get a soln plz help
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