samsung m3 2tb portable external hard drive OR WD my passport Ultra 2tb

I'm getting Samsung m3 2tb portable external hard drive @ 5939
WD my passport ultra @ 6539.

Now price difference of 600 is not a big problem for me. I'm looking at after sales service. samsung m3 2tb got really good reviews on amazon, so I'm confused.
I know WD is good in ASS, but IDK about Samsung. I think Seagate provides ASS for it and I don't know much about Seagate.(never used one)

So, I would like some help in this regards. Thank you.


WD Official
HI Shivam Pancholi,
When we talk about backups, the most important features in an external hard drive are, in order: reliability, speed, capacity, warranty, customer support, and build quality.
The WD My Passport Ultra have 3-year warranty with solid customer service to back it up.
It comes with the full version of the WD Smartware Pro software. It's a pretty simple and straightforward backup software that uses minimal PC resources. Set it up once and you can forget about it.
For more details you may visit the link below:

Support Answer

Hope it helps.


Cyber Genius FTW
WD anyday of the year, good after sales etc as well as good reliability
Samsung is only good for SSDs in storage
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