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  1. G

    Elder Scroll Online

    Can anybody here tell me where i can buy Elder Scroll Online here as soon as its out internationally.I am from Kolkata by the way. I see no post about Elder scroll online,No one Played Beta?
  2. cute.bandar

    SeAnswers.com: Instant Programming Help . My node.js experiment

    SEAnswers.com - answers are good! Its a straightforward search utility for programmers and linux users and its main USP is that instead of just showing a list of links it also attempts to show question and its answers. Note: you can scroll through the questions using arrow keys (when the...
  3. Blue Ripazah

    How to Get smooth scroll?

    Hi can anybody guide me to get smooth scroll in windows 7. thnx in advance
  4. V

    shortcuts for apps in smart tv

    I have just bought a new LG Smart TV - LM6690 with a 42 inch screen. While accessing apps, I have to scroll a lot to reach my favorite apps. Any shortcuts?
  5. DarkDante

    Mouse under 2K

    Hey all, am looking for a mouse under 2k-2.3K, any suggestions? the intelli looks nice, but dunno about anything cause, im a complete noob in the area of mouses and am perfectly satisfied with Logitech 3-button scroll :grin: also it must have on the go DPI changing buttons. PS- a large...
  6. sujeet2555

    explorer crashes frequently

    i have window 7 32bit .i have many different types of files in folders.so ,i keep arrange them as;sort by name & group by type and view as " list".therefore by horizontal scroll bar gets very long. i often get explorer non responding while scrolling horizontally.when explorer window freezes i...
  7. patkim

    No Horizontal scroll bar IE7

    When I access some sites like panoramio.com or Orkut, the horizontal scroll bar just does not come up in IE 7. There’s no way to scroll to the right though contents are there. This does not happen with every site but only a few select sites as mentioned I have tried changing the screen...
  8. K

    New Wireless Touch Scroll Laser Mouse from Genius

    Genius, a brand from KYE Systems Corp. introduces the most innovative wireless turbo scroll laser mouse to its notebook mouse family - ScrollToo T955 Laser. With a neat design concept, and the built-in with the stunning touch scroll design, ScrollToo T955 Laser lets you experience an effortless...
  9. K

    Flying Scroll Bluetooth Notebook Mouse from Genius

    Genius, a brand from KYE Systems Corp. has launched the flying scroll Bluetooth notebook mouse—Navigator 905BT Flying Scroll Bluetooth Notebook Mouse. This is a fast-tracking, high-resolution trendy notebook mouse that gives the user the comfort, accuracy and convenience of an advanced Bluetooth...
  10. skghosh44

    Auto Scrolling of Page

    Recently I am facing a problem. The problem is when I open any page in any program such as Ms Word, Excel, Notepad, any browser like Mozila, Chrome, IE, the page automatically scroll down to the end of page. Whenever I try to scroll the page to the desired position, I could not stop the page. I...
  11. V

    Good RPGs

    Can someone recommend some really good RPGs... Played most of the usual ones such as Elder Scroll series, Diablo, Witcher, Kotor etc.. Looking for something new...
  12. windchimes

    Isn't this wierd..??

    guys..my mouse behaves a bit strange. When browsing it sometimes gets stuck for a brief moment and becomes active again..Sometimes I see that right click options automatically pops up.. sometimes I found in Photoshop pages scroll down.. What would be the reason..? :-( Wish to tell...
  13. smile

    Mouse Problem?

    I have an optical mouse .....the problem is whenever i scroll down or up any page ..it somewhat hangs and shakes ...its annoying :( whatever u open and scroll the problem still remains the same....Any Help?
  14. m-jeri

    Need a BMP viewing APP in VC++

    My reqs are... a Dialog.... in which bitmaps stored in resource could be loaded...3 scroll bars are there 2 vertical and 1 horizontal.. desigh should have 3 classes.. 1 derived from CWnd to do all the image operations... 1 derived from CScrollBar for horizontal scroll 1 derived from...
  15. R

    linux Opera 9.5 how to get middle button scroll

    New to Opera, I am liking it, cant figure out how to get the logitech basic mouse middle button scroll a long page. It works in FF by choosing auto scroll but cant find the same in opera to scroll with middle button click. Right now middle button clicked takes me to homepage set as google.com
  16. clmlbx

    mouse wheel does not work (scroll)?

    mouse wheel does not work ? nor in explorer ...............nor any where............ means it can be use as third button but not as scrolling .............. It does not scroll the screen
  17. Rockstar11

    The Best Sunset Photo you will ever see.( 10 megapixels!)

    Hi Everyone, here are some marvalous sunset scene and i m sure you will like to see it again again and again.. :cool: just go ahead slowly slowly ......... Best sunset picture u will ever see... ;) .. . .. .. .. .. .. scroll down .. .. ...
  18. pritish_kul2

    What to do of a waste scroll mouse

    as the topic suggests
  19. praka123

    "less" command on Konsole

    Hi, In konsole,we cannot scroll through the output of "less" command.same goes with xterm also. what I meant is for eg: less /etc/group^here we cannot scroll with mouse wheel through the file. But in gnome-terminal,everything works fine.I can scroll through the output.what is missing in...
  20. S

    scroll bar moves automatically... help !!!

    hi guys, i hv a strange problem with ma pc... anyone plzz help me out... Whenever i open a word doc or pdf file, the pages scroll up n down very fast automatically ... Also when i try to control the volume frm the volume icon on taskbar.. it automatically comes down to mute... i hv...
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