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  1. M

    Help Needed! Programming / Scripting

    Hi Everyone, I guess you could call me a novis, I have not been doing much programming / scripting. I use Keepass to run lots of scripts fo daily tasks that are repetitive, most of the scripts I have written for Keepass are about 2000 words / inputs long. Most of my scripts are the same...
  2. patkim

    anything like scripts possible on android?

    On android phones is there anything like scripts or macros possible? just like how on windows you can automate certain tasks using powershell or simple .bat file etc or any app etc allows to do so. What I wish to do is switch from 2g to 3g, enable internet data, enable hotspot. Once i am done...
  3. icebags

    User bandwidth limit in ddwrt routers

    found this while searching net. going to try it out, but probably those who understand networking scripts, can explain things better (and also on potential risks in generated scripts). expert comments please. How to Set Bandwidth limit to Each Users by WRT Script Generator ? – KcZon.com...
  4. P

    Linux learning correct tab

    What is better book for Linux to start with ? So that later which make us capable of writing scripts playing with DB etc..
  5. Nerevarine

    AHK/AutoIT alternative for Raspberry Pi based OS

    Im gonna be running a bot for a browser based MMO using a friend's Raspberry Pi.. But I just realised that the Pi cant run AHK scripts as AHK is only made for windows.. Are there any alternatives for Rasbian OS ? Anything at all for Ubuntu OS even, that is easy to learn I believe bash scripts...
  6. I

    Microsoft Windows PowerShell scripts

    Hello Friends, it has been quite a long time since I have visited the Think Digit Forum. I am hoping to catch up and be abreast on majority of the developments, if not all. :ashamed: The urgent issue responsible for my sudden visit is, I require some help concerning Microsoft Windows PowerShell...
  7. gdebojyoti

    Social Engine script - original or not?

    Recently there have been many social networking sites which are being developed by using ready-made scripts like Social Engine. Is there any chance that these scripts may contain some malicious code or backdoor? Also, is there a way to say whether the copy of the script which a particular site...
  8. montsa007

    Post all your personal website related queries here - I'll Answer them

    Hello, I develop websites and would like to help fellow digit users who are developing websites. Feel free to ask about -SEO -Web Design -Hosting -Domains -Scripts -Social Media -Installing Scripts I do not possess the skills of -Coding (Php, Html, Asp etc.,) -Managing a...
  9. blackpearl

    Books on web development

    Please suggest me some good books on web development. I know HTML and CSS but I want to learn PHP and server scripting. Basically, I want to hack together my own scripts to do stuff. I'm tired of searching for ready made scripts for every simple tasks, and then realizing that they don't work...
  10. tkin

    Free linux distro similiar to Redhat.

    The title may seem a bit confusing to people but I am learning shell scripts in redhat linux in my college, since redhat is not free can someone suggest linux distro that has the SAME shell scripts like redhat linux, i.e same commands. Also this will be my first time to install linux on a...
  11. iinfi

    how does a hacker run remote scripts on a linux machine?

    is it possible for a hacker to run malicious scripts on a linux server even without knowing the root or user password of a linux system? any file which is copied from a remote system doesnt have execute (x) privileges! in such a scenario how do scripts get run on the remote machine? assume...
  12. expertno.1

    Some Video Conversion Script Wanted

    Ok i found my hosting account supporting ffmpeg and i checked it is installed . no i want some script which can convert ma files , or stream it through my website . please dont suggest me scripts like youtube , etc which work like youtube . i want it for my personal use . any php , etc...
  13. M

    How to use Perl / Ruby Scripts?

    I am not sure but either of the codes of Perl or Ruby Scripts are used to manipulate various web services like sending files larger than 20 MB via Gmail, Adding lots of twitter user (following) in One go etc. Can anyone pls tell where to use these scrips? I mean I got the scripts but where to...
  14. anshul

    CS 1.6 Block scripts!!

    How do I prevent users from executing scripts fom their PC's while playing counter strike 1.6 on the LAN??
  15. abhinandh

    The Scripts Shrine

    The place to post all useful linux scripts which make everyday tasks easier. lemme first start by posting two scripts which myself and ray|raven made(while on the irc :D ) NOTE: Both the scripts have zenity as their dependancy for the gui IMAGESHACK IMAGE UPLOAD one click upload to...
  16. Pearl Groupz

    Any one know From Where I can Complain in IPB..Abt Illegal IPB Scripts using on sites

    Any one know From Where I can Complain in IPB..Abt Illegal IPB Scripts using on sites?? plz tell me fast...i want to complain abt some sites
  17. abhinandh

    Nautilus scripts- making life easy.

    Nautilus scripts can be very useful at times as they help in saving a lot of time by allowing us to do various actions at a single click. The location of script folder is ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts all the scripts mentioned below have to be extracted in the above folder. 1) AUDIO CONVERT This...
  18. koolbluez


    Check this Greasemonkey script out. Those who dunno Greasemonkey... it is a plugin for the Firefox web browser. It allows you to change how your favorite pages behave and look. There are many scripts that have already been written, and if you know javascript you can easily create your own! This...
  19. naveen_reloaded

    Play Windows games on Linux with PlayOnLinux

    If you are an avid gamer, you probably dual-boot your favorite Linux distribution with Windows, because that's where you find most new cutting-edge games. But what if you could run your Windows games on Linux? PlayOnLinux is an open source Python-scripted front end that helps you install and...
  20. eagle_y2j

    help debuging shell scripts !

    Help me out debug following shell scripts I hav just started learning bash but I need bug free code for my assignments hope you ppl will help me promptly :-) snipped Ans echo “Enter the date of birth” read a while [ $a - ne o] do r = ‘ expr $a %10’ s = ‘ expr $s +...
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