1. S

    MS in US

    Anyone pursuing MS in US? Can you suggest me the best University in US for MS in Computer science? My desired GRE Score is 350.
  2. B

    GTA V- The Big Score glitch and save game folder

    Hi Guys, I have completed GTA V. I was replaying the missions with the alternate approaches. All of them work well. When I select The Big Score mission and select the Obvious approach, the game hangs. When Michael opens the door after the cutscene it just freezes, but the background song...
  3. V

    How to improve my GRE Score

    Can anyone provide me the info to increase my GRE score? Whether it is possible to increase it after my graduation simply?
  4. Flash

    James Horner: Oscar-winning Titanic composer dies in crash

    James Horner, the Hollywood composer who wrote the Oscar-winning score for Titanic, has died in a California plane crash aged 61.A trained pilot, he is reported to have been alone aboard a small private plane which crashed north of Santa Barbara on Monday morning. He won one Oscar for the...
  5. K

    Klout Help!!

    How do I get Google+ share on overall klout score?? Mine is 0% currently. Anything?? Somebody reply me :D.
  6. R

    Tegra k1 smashes Graphics benchmarks ( console quality games on tablets/mobiles comming this year ?

    Bombshell announcement with its new Tegra K1 chipset last week, as it ushered in the era of Cortex-A15 processors and Kepler graphics for mobile. The 192-core GPU is certainly its main selling point, and now we get the benchmarks to gauge exactly how much better it will be from anything else...
  7. sayan8

    AMD launches next-gen GPUs starting from 89$!!

    Earlier today , AMD introduced its new Line of GPUs and a Weird Nomenclature... This event took place at Hawaii . The upcoming generation of products will be branded R7 and R9. R7 will be AMD’s lower-end mainstream parts, while R9 will be for their higher-end enthusiast parts. The flagship...
  8. V

    sony mdr ex 100lp or Creative EP-630

    me owning sony nwz 172 walkman and i am cofused on seeing the reviews please make a score card for this on the basis ... first score for sony and next for creative comfort long time wearing tangle free crystal clearness(all sounds includes metal sound) noise cancellation weight...
  9. harshilsharma63

    RAM WEI score decreaded

    Hi, I'm having a pair of Hyundai DDR3 13330 MHz rams running in dual channel. Previously, my wei score for ram performance was 7.5 but now it has decreased to 5.9. I have Windows 8 64 bit installed (both previously as well as currently). Should I worry about and hardware deterioration from wei...
  10. R

    Intel hd 4000 graphics problem

    I switched from a core 2 duo e4500 to a i5 3570k having intel hd 4000 graphics.I did Windows experience index test,my processor got a score of 7.5 which seems a bit low.The biggest shocker was the gaming graphics and windows aero graphics score showing 1 each :eek: How is it possible?I mean 1 is...
  11. P

    Just Overclocked my GT 650M...

    I am having dell inspiron 17R SE.... It has GT650M 2GB GDDR5 and intel core i7-3610 i overclocked my laptop GPU using MSI Afterburner and used Geeks3D FurMark v1.10.2 for testing temperature and 3DMark 11 Basic version for the improvements.... Actually I have few questions.... 1) How much do u...
  12. $ingh

    My First Ln2 Overclocking Session

    So after a long period and with lot of efforts i am able to arrange Liquid Nitrogen and Successfully completed my first ln2 overclocking session with AMD Phenom ii x4 955be With the rock solid Motherboard Asus Crosshair IV formula and ofcourse with my best friend who helped me a lot to make this...
  13. 6Diablo9

    Are 3D Mark 06' scores to be trusted?

    My friend bought new PC some months ago. He uses it mainly for gaming and movies, he's bought a i3 2100 and Nvidia Geforce 8400GS (didn't ask me before buying). So I decided to show him how his computer sucked big time in gaming and we ran 3D Mark 06' on his PC and the score came 1761. My (4yr...
  14. Piyush

    The Walking Dead: Episode 1 - A New Day

    This game deserves a dedicated thread Developer: Telltale Games Publisher: Telltale Games Genre: Zombie shooting - Adventure Release Date: Apr 24, 2012 Platform: PC/ XBox 360/ PS3 official site: Telltale Games - The Walking Dead GAME SUMMARY Episode one of a five-part game series set...
  15. rezurect007

    PC benchmarking?

    I looking for bench marking tool for a basic home PC(not for gaming). Looking for a general score or overall score and not only the CPU score. Found : NovaBench and SiSoft Sandra. Havent run tests yet. Plz suggest other popular benchmarking tools. Not sure whether 3Dmark, Sys mark are...
  16. thebanik

    HIS Radeon HD7970 Benchmarked on LN2

    It seems such a long time that I have posted in the Overclocking section, but I guess in reality its not that long, anyways a few weeks ago got hold of HIS HD7970 from Tirupati Enterprise. And have been testing it on air, though it was a great card on air but on LN2 it proved to be a dampner. It...
  17. Jaskanwar Singh

    HD6950 Overclocked to 900MHz - Stock Volt

    Card used - Sapphire Technology Web Site Stock settings - Rest of system - Overclocked myself (didnt touch voltage) - UPDATE 3dmark11 performance improvement - 800/1250 - GPU Score - 4804 900/1250 - GPU Score - 5287
  18. I

    Passmark perfomance test.

    Guys download passmark software from here, PassMark PerformanceTest - PC benchmark software And post ur perfomance score of cpu and gpu and even ur system if u want..
  19. RCuber

    GPU-Z & PowerColor Giveaway

    I just downloaded the new version of GPU-Z and came to know that PowerColor has tied up with them for a give away. have a look at it . Source Link As I recently upgraded my PC/GFX card, I wont be achieving any low scores now :D So I hope some one else over here can win those :) EDIT...
  20. J

    Need Help From all of you guyz,,,,,plz....

    Hi all I have completed my 10th (cbse) with 69% and just cmpltd my plus two with 78% now i have enrolled into btech cse course.. my problems are -i dont have good communication skills ...i need suggestions from you guyz to improve -what is the scope of cs engg,,nowadays,,,n how much should i...
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