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  1. ankush28

    Finally Bharat Ratna to Sachin R Tendulkar

    So finally Indian Governnent decided to give bharat ratna, the highest civilian award to Sachin Tendulkar. :) He is the first sportsperson to recieve Bharat ratna. source : Sachin Tendulkar given Bharat Ratna hours after retiring from cricket : Cricket, News - India Today
  2. Zangetsu

    How IIT-alumnus Sachin Bansal built Flipkart into a big online brand

    "It has taken Sachin Bansal, 32, a mere six years to build Flipkart, the country's best-known online retail brand." The IIT-Delhi alumnus started off with college friend BinnyBSE 5.00 % Bansal in a small flat in southeast Bangalore in 2007 with Rs 4 lakh. The two, who are not related to each...
  3. T

    Sachin Tendulkar to retire

    Really? This West Indies tour , people in the media are talking about Sachin retiring when he plays for his 200th Test match. Will this be THE END? :-(
  4. freshseasons

    Sachin Tendulkar announces retirement from ODI cricket

    This is big News For Fans of Cricket Especially Sachin Tendulkars which seems to be almost universally all. Tough not in Best of Form lately my heart still somewhere feels the void that he will create in Cricket ! :( Take it ,Those are some huge boots to fill...
  5. speedyguy

    Sachin is a true legend. But is it really right to call him as God?

    Passion makes champions which Sachin Tendulkar (Indian Batsman) indeed is. But what makes him God? I personally don't consider that. Whats your say? Enjoy~!
  6. digi23

    Sachin on twitter

    NEW DELHI: By now, you probably know the 'God of Cricket' is finally on Twitter. But what is worth knowing is that he is setting Twitter afire just like his batting. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar joined Twitter on Tuesday night around 11.30 with a 'RT' in his handle. His first tweet read: "Finally...
  7. Krazzy Warrior

    Tendulkar wakes up as 18 years old - Miracle

    Ok, now since Tendulkar is 18, he is back with fresh-renewed-young blood! Go! Sachin Go!!
  8. Pragadheesh

    search based on image.

    hi, is there any application or something, by which we can search an image and find results for the image.! like if i have a Sachin photo,then uploading the photo and by clicking search, i should get details of Sachin and results based on Sachin.!! i know its too difficult because an image...
  9. gaurav_indian

    Sachin Tendulkar in tears at Martyrs' Memorial

    Sachin Tendulkar in tears at Martyrs' Memorial http://cricketnext.in.com/videos/37713/tendulkar-in-tears-at-martyrs-memorial.html
  10. R

    Sachin Vs Others

    Today while anouncing team India for Bangladesh and Asia cup tour, news channels say that Ganguly and Dravid are "dropped" and Sachin was "not available" for tour. Are we fair to these two greats? Have they not played well in IPL matches? Give chance to youngsters. That is different. But why...
  11. akshaykapoor_3

    I have new RESPECT for Sachin nw ;)

  12. Gigacore

    Will India win today ?

    v/s 1st finals :D I hope they will win :) Ok guys India won the match and sachin made his first century in aussies soil.
  13. soumya

    Is the decision to drop Sourav Ganguly justified?

    Sourav has been left out of the ODI series. The reason which the selectors are putting forward is fielding, but I didn't know that Harbhajan, Sehwag, RP Singh, etc were top class fielders. Anyways, it's quite shocking considering his recent form and that his opening stand with Sachin always...
  14. gaurav_indian

    Virgin to unveil Sachin Tendulkar super hero comics!

    http://www.indiantelevision.com/headlines/y2k7/mar/mar227.php aila :D
  15. A


    I have windows 98se. Recently I cannot reach the authentication [verifying username & password] stage. Can please someone help. Sachin
  16. S

    dell laptops

    hi all, iam interested in purchasing the dell inspirion 6400 laptop with core2 due 1.6ghz with 160 gb hard disk. any feeback on the same. how abut after sales service of dell. regards sachin
  17. D

    did greg chappell did anything good.

    let's talk only about cricket and it's development. greg chapple got a few crore Rs for coaching india. so, did it improve anything. Playing three wicket keepers proves that India is a batsman short, also Agarkar coming back to one-day cricket tells a lot about our lack of bowlers. Players who...
  18. ionicsachin

    Mera Bharat Mahaaan , per download speed kam

    Hello world, This is a request by one of the youngest readers of digit.This is Sachin. I just wanted to request team digit if they can include the game patches in their DVDs instead of repeating old stuffs. They can take up a game , eg Farcry, and give a complete review+patches+demo+mods...
  19. R

    Should sachin be sacked as like dada???????

    Should sachin be sacked as like dada???????He get's a hundred by playing 15 matches and again he scores 10,15,5 runs in follwoing matches so Should sachin be sacked as like dada???????
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