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  1. A

    info about older graphics cards

    just want to whether these graphics cards are good or not XFX-ATI-Radeon-HD-4850 XFX ATI Radeon HD 4850 512MB DDR3 256-bit DVI / S-Video TV out Graphic Card | eBay and XFX-NVIDIA-GeForce-9800-GTX...
  2. Kniwor

    S939 system, DVI/VGA cables, S-video to Component, other cables and a lot of stuff

    Location: Delhi Reason for sale: Moving out of country, don't need stuff. Rest of the details are mentioned against items. All Items are (all items except those with a * are unused items): -A S939 system* -DVI Cable -VGA Cable -S-Video to component - Cable (3 in number) -S-Video to...
  3. N

    Less than 1 month old XFX 7900GS Card

    Hi, I've bought an XFX 7900GS graphics card with my new desktop less than a month ago. The card works great, and I am easily able to play Tombraider Anniversary, GTR 2, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within etc. and am able to play full HD videos on my E1909W monitor. Before buying this card...
  4. S

    S-Video Out Problem............

    Hi....... I Got A Lenovo Y500 Series Laptop Few Months Ago............. It Has A S-Video Out Port And When Ever I Connect S-Video Cable It Detects A New Hardware And Also Shows Dual Display Setting In Graphics Setting Panel But Television Screen Is Black It Doesn't Shows Any Thing On It.... I...
  5. vijayb

    FS :: ATI Graphics Card

    SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD Hi, ATI original Graphics Card for sale:= Model : ATI X800 XL Interface : PCI-X Memory : 256 MB, DDR3, 256 Mbit DirectX : 9.0 Dual Display : Yes, DVI and VGA Review Link: ATI X800 XL Review GPU-Z Validation http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/9yxn9/ No warranty...
  6. V

    3-month old 8400GS for sale.

    Item:XFX Geforce 8400GS bought in last week of March 2008 for sale. My expected price:Rs. 1500/- City:Mangalore, Karnataka I'm planning to sell it cause I upgraded. It is in excellent condition. Bundle includes the driver cd,a video cable & an s-video cable. The card has one D-sub & one DVI...
  7. R

    Using the s-video output

    Hi... I recently purchased a 4 pin s-video cable with an idea to connect my dell laptop with Intel 945GM having a s-video jack to my Philips TV. The model is pretty old, so I dont expect it to support any resolution more than 640*480. But, I am not able to set a resolution less than 800*600 in...
  8. aminsagar123

    S-Video Cable for HP DV6767

    Hi Friends, I got HP DV6767TX Laptop with S-Video support. I got an an old Onida TV in my room that got the following ports. What kind of cable do i need to connect it to my TV. Please provide link to ebay auction if you can. Thanks a lot.
  9. praka123

    TV TUNER->Pinnacl pctv 50i no audio for recorded programs!

    Hello, I bought a Pinnacle PCTV 50i internal tuner for my uncle in kottayam.He installed hardware and necessary software.Now,He wants to record programs for personal use with sun dth.the Set Top Box(STB) got S-video out and his hardware personnel connected the S-video out of STB to the S-Video...
  10. A

    Help me to buy a CRT TV!!!!

    Hi, I am planning to buy a CRT TV (preferrably sony because of its trinitron picture tube) Preferrable features: Good SoundS-Video In I want the S-Video IN because with that i can connect my PC directly to the tv, so if anyone of you is using the same method then please tell me is the...
  11. crazybutt

    Playing video files on TV via Laptop

    Hi I heard somewhere that you can play video files on ur laptop, connect it to ur TV using an S-video cable and watch it on d TV. Is it true? If yes, how much does an S-video cable cost and is there some other connector which I can use between the S-video cable and my TV's red-yellow-white...
  12. RCuber

    Nvidia S-Video Out

    Hey guys . I have a Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT based GFX Card. It came with a S-Video to Composite adapert. I connected this to my TV and checked and I am getting a slow flicker. My TV also has Component Video input used for DVD. But i cant find information regarding the s-video to component cable (...
  13. kool

    i've 3 question2ask u... TV-TUNER, REMOTE, MONITOR,

    Dear friends, 1** i've internal INTEX tv-tuner card. It has 3 input source that are: TV, COMPOSITE, S-VIDEO. i want to know that what is the use of COMPOSITE and S-VIDEO?? 2** Is it possible to use any color TV set as monitor for my pc?? if yes, how?? 3** i've intex tv remote, which...
  14. M

    s-video out??

    i have a zebronics 7300 gs gfx card.it has s-video out.i also got a cable in the package which also seems s-video to s-video.my samsung 29' tv doesn`t have s-video input...so how do i connect my pc to my tv???i want to watch divx/xvid movies on my tv.
  15. phreak0ut

    Software to capture handycam video

    I've got a Sony DCR-TRV310E. I need to transfer the video from my handycam to my PC. I need to know if I'll be needing any special software to do so. If so, which one? No software was provided by the company also. The camera doesn't have a USB port since its a slightly old model, so I'm forced...
  16. blademast3r

    Connect TV to Pc

    On this page I'll show you the possibilities on how to connect you PC to your TV-set. There can be several reasons on why to connect a PC to a TV, but I think the most important one is to playback movies in either DivX, VCD, SVCD or DVD format on your PC and showing it on TV. Naturally...
  17. N

    watching movies on tv from a pc

    hello how do i watch movies stored on my hdd on a normal tv? i have the following configuration 1.8ghz p4 proc, mercury 845gl mobo with NO agp slot and 3 free pci slots, 256mb ram. what hardware do i need to buy to do this? will buying a pci tv tuner card suffice? i know that a tv tuner has...
  18. singh

    problem with s-video cable

    i have an s-video cable which is around 1 meter in length i want to extend it around 15 metres , please help me with this ---- is there a way by using utp cable
  19. plsoft

    S-Video for transfer to PC?

    I used to transfer my home videos using Firewire, but now the port in my handycam doesn't work anymore. Sony service centre ppl said it wud cost a lot to repair the port so m now using USB. However, i have an S-Video port in my cam. Can i use this port to transfer my videos to my pc? If i can...
  20. C

    video out?

    I want to use video out so that i can watch DVDs on my tv. i have a inbuilt graphics card and it does not have a s-video out is there any other way to get video out?
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