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S-Video Cable for HP DV6767

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Hi Friends,
I got HP DV6767TX Laptop with S-Video support.


I got an an old Onida TV in my room that got the following ports.

What kind of cable do i need to connect it to my TV.


Please provide link to ebay auction if you can.

Thanks a lot.


In the zone
What you want to do by connecting both.Write here what you expect from your tv then i will ans. You


You need a S video to AV cable ..

Connect the S video pin to the laptop, and the yellow jack on the other end to the video in of the TV.
If you also need the audio via the TV, connect the stereo jack on the same side as the S video pin to the audio out in front of the laptop, and the white jack on the other side to the audio in of the TV. Not sure how you are gonna do this, 'coz S video out is on one side of the lappy, and audio is in the front.. :D

:D :D You found it at the same time as me..
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