Need opinion on iBerry and WickedLeaks!!!!


Broken In
I was amazed to see the iberry Auxus X2 3G and the newly released WickedLeak Wammy Magnus being priced at such a sweet spot bringing awesome performance for a very reasonable price which makes me look away from brands like Samsung.They seem too good to be true!!!! :shock:
But still I am hesitant to buy these products due to two main reasons:

1) The quality of their after sales service and product replacement and availability of spare parts.I have checked both their websites but couldnt find any such service center even in a metro like Kolkata.
Please let me know how good or bad are their service esp. in Kolkata....

2)Lack of firmware and OS upgrades...though iberry has a section dedicated to it.I wonder about WickedLeaks???
Please let me know whether they are as easy to upgrade as Samsung Galaxy Tabs?
I dont want to install custom ROMs..though I want to know whether these tablets are rootable and can custom ROMs can be installed?
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