1. g_goyal2000

    Want a gamapad

    Hi guys. I recently got a lot of NES roms (video game or "samurai" game) along with its emulator (Nestopia v1.34) from my friend. The problem is I am having problem using keyboard as the controller. I want a gamepad that I can use to play NES, Gameboy, Sega, etc ROMS as well as latest or old PC...
  2. G

    freebies problemo!

    I must say that i got to know some websites that offered free stuff though i got to know that many of them were fake i selected some links and got freebies after 2-3 weeks like MICROSOFT VISUAL STUDIO POCKETPC MAG PS2 ROMS FREE ANTIVIRUS FROM EZ ANTIVIRUS etc..... pls tell me abt the...
  3. R

    cd writer and dvd rom probs plz help

    hey my cdwriter and dvd reader is not incuded in the bios. the cd writer is not opening at all. the dvd rom is opening but when i open "my computer" both the roms are not to be seen . the dvd rom cannot read any thing. i checked the bios also but the floppy dirve is only mentioned there. and...
  4. A

    Blue Ray disc?

    What is a blue ray disc?....Can the DVD ROM's read it?
  5. N

    All ABOut ROMS!!!

    I Think that a roms life is for 8-12months thats it!!! This is how i started to think of Firstly i purchased a writer of lg,after 8 months its giving me problems while reading the cds,Then I purchased a combo of samsung,within six months the tray was not closing properly,and today...
  6. anispace

    where can i find goboy roms??

    where can i find goboy roms?? such as GTA, SuperMario etc.. to play on ngage
  7. hack expert


    yup ancient`s very right o`er there if it was so then why would they make dvd roms after all
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