1. CommanderShawnzer

    CS:GO vs Dota 2

    Some CS Fanboys on an FB page i visit were spouting crap about how CS:GO(And 1.6) is better than Dota 2 And how Dota 2 is for n00Bz and it does not require ANY skill. :rolleyes: I know both are of different genres,But lets keep the genre part aside and lets debate which game is better based...
  2. RCuber

    Cleaned My PC + Xonar ST shots

    So I cleaned my PC, did some long waited cable management. here are some pics .. Before - A messy wire and loads of dust!! After - Far better ASUS Xonar ST That's the max I could achieve in cable management (sort of :rolleyes: ) Config: Intel Core i5 2400 Intel DH67BL 2...
  3. Blue Ripazah

    Cabinet modding..

    hi i just got a new battery installed in my bike ...and the old one is still in a working condition it is a 12v battery from yamaha fz ... the question is can it be used to power some leds modify my cabinet .....morever its a dry battery :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  4. Faun

    DigitForum Haxxed ? zomg !

    What the fook just happened ! :rolleyes:
  5. N

    DELL inspiron 1525

    Hiiii to every1 , can anybody tell me how Dell inspiron 1525 works and its performance.m confused which 1 should i choose lenovo or dell....tell me ASAP...:rolleyes:
  6. G

    Need ur help in my new pc

    hello folks, i m planning to buy a new pc and i dont know toooo much about the desktop pc hardware becoze till nw i didnt assemble any pc ...soo the main thing that is want to do is gaming but my budget is not tooo much high my bugdet is 40K my lcd is fixed dell 19" - 8K i want to buy Core...
  7. abhijit_reddevil

    South Africa crush Asutralia, win test series Watched most of the match, it was too easy for them. Serves the australians right...:p Hope they win the series 3-0 and Ponting sacked as captain...:rolleyes: Mcgrath and Warne's retirement have hit them...
  8. N

    Please help me! How to make a poll!!

    Hi guys, I want to do a poll in diGit Forum. How to do that :confused:. Please guide me :rolleyes:
  9. pc_game_lover2004

    Ghajini -Game Promo

    Hey guys would you believe it that Ghajini would be out as game too... Don't believe me...check this out ;) Don't forget to notice our virtual Aamir Khan :rolleyes: Here is the official site, 6 days to go for games release...
  10. O

    Will U buy this new iPhone?????!!!!!

    Seen in PC World Jan'09 issue, Will this become the 'ultimate stuff'? Air ur views............:evil: :cool: :mad: :D :p :rolleyes: :confused:
  11. Zangetsu

    System Specifications for Prince of Persia Revealed

    The system specification of the upcoming POP is here... woah..dats a whopping 8GB :rolleyes:
  12. amansaini

    Increase WiFi Range

    I'm using a Buffalo Modem cum Router for home use. But, I'm not able to access it from all parts of my house :( I need a solution to increase it's range. I know I need to buy some additional hardware for that :rolleyes: But, I don't know which one & how do I setup the whole procedure :confused...
  13. Ranjya

    C# book

    Hi, I am not a programmer. Is it possible to learn C#, without knowing say C, C++, Java etc ? If yes, What would be a good book ? Asking for the moon, me guess :rolleyes:
  14. IronManForever

    Happy Birthday john_the_ultimate, snehangshu and prakie!!!

    Happy birthday guys; see, Ive been awake all night for this!!! :p :rolleyes: :D
  15. Zangetsu

    Disable LAN from Taskbar?

    I don't use net or LAN so i want 2 remove/disable the LAN icon...(monitor icon with X) how 2 do dat ?? :rolleyes:
  16. Zangetsu

    Modern Mobiles...

    Is it true dat mobiles can be switched on w/o a SIM card in it...??? :D This feature was not there in old mobiles....:rolleyes:
  17. Faun

    OMG this is ridiculous

    Look a bunch of losers changed my siggy to what ? Unban to Ban :shock: Low life you all are, if you cant agree with general consensus then this is the way to force things I hope you all ......................................... :rolleyes: I wonder if someone will make my account...
  18. Faun

    Banned forever ? lolz

    What a juvenile decision by a partisan mod :( See the reason the anonymous mod posted for praka123's ban :D:rolleyes: what if some one calls me retard, moron ? Am I entitled to ban the user :rolleyes: What if I replace Xboxthreeshity for Xbox360 ? Am i entitled to be banned :rolleyes: What if...
  19. B

    Integrated Services

    Is there any site which integrates youtube, flickr, and other services? :rolleyes:
  20. rhitwick

    I wonder.......

    Hi guys, I c dat there are many users who use the same tagline/catchline or watevr u want to call it. its "Right Off the Assembly Line". I wonder they must be very good friends as they all use same tagline. :D Kash mere bhi kuch aise dost hote...........:rolleyes:
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