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  1. Thom_Yorke

    Suggest me some new artists...I'm tired of listening same artists over and over again

    Hello fellassss I like listning to artists like COLDPLAY RADIOHEAD(my band) OASIS MUSE MICHAEL LIKES TO ROCK the most among many others!! Kindly suggest me some more artists that sound similar like ALTERNATIVE ROCK bands mentioned above!! I hate 'rock' bands like...
  2. R

    Grammy Nominees.vote for ur fav

    "Lil Wayne topped the nominations with eight, Coldplay garnered seven, and Jay-Z, Ne-Yo and Kanye West each earned six nods. Alison Krauss, John Mayer, Robert Plant, Radiohead and Jazmine Sullivan received five each, and Adele, Danger Mouse, Eagles, Lupe Fiasco, George Strait, and T.I. each...
  3. dreamcatcher

    Rock ON Guys!!!!!

    ROCK ON!! These two guys strike a strum whenever we come across it. Its like a string between our boring life and a world involving fun,entertainment and charizma. The new wish mantra of the youth, the most used tagline by orkut users and the most coveted signature of all times. So when these...
  4. dreamcatcher

    Best of luck for IITJEE 2008

    hey guys...wish all those guys appearing for the most prestigious under graduate xam in the world-JEE 2008- a best of luck..rock it and bring glory to urself and ur family... BEST OF LUCK p.s. sum1 wish me too.. :(
  5. R

    Help choosing mobile

    hello guys I am Abhishek I want to have a good quality mobile & I want UR help. I want to buy a new mobile right now I have the oldest type of nokia I guess 3100 and want to have a good mobile My requirements R 1) want to watch my tutorials in AVI. 2) want 2 read PDF documents. 3) and heard...
  6. H

    Soap ownz MasterChief on Xbox Live!

    Lolz, yeah, there's a new King in town, bow down shiny suit, this is warrrrrrr!! :D SOURCE
  7. esumitkumar

    Top dance floor songs suggest please ?

    Hiya all I want to make a mp3 where all top dancing songs should be there ....DJ type ....Songs should be except hindi language (english,french,german etc etc) and they should not be hardcore metal typo etc ..maane everybody can understand ..Pop..rock type...I have thought of these songs till...
  8. H

    Remember I told u about The Rock and disney

    Here are some embarrassing pics of Dwane "The Rock" Johnson.
  9. eggman

    Must Listen Music Albums Recommended By Digitians

    Hi guys , I am making this thread so that we digitians can put the names of those music albums , which we believe are good and worth listening by all. LONDON CALLING by The Clash "London Calling" – 3:19 "Brand New Cadillac" – 2:09 "Jimmy Jazz" – 3:51 "Hateful" – 2:47 Rudie...
  10. Batistabomb

    Batista vs Johncena or stonecold vs rock

    Guys who can win the match of batista vs johncena and who will be the winner for rock vs stonecold
  11. H

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to guest star in Disney Shows Like Hannah Montana

    Former WWE superstar, The Rock, appears in the episode "Don't Stop Til You Get the Phone" on Hannah Montana as part of the Rock Block which shows the former professional wrestler guest starring in episodes such as Cory in the House and of course his appearance on Hannah Montana as a promotion...
  12. shady_inc

    Hard rock music recommendations

    Guys,Recommend me some Nice hard rock and metal or any other nice head-banging songs:D . I currently listen a lot to Rammstein,Korn,Metallica,Megadeth,Pink Floyd,Iron maiden,SOAD,RATM,Led Zep,AC-DC,U-2,Eagles,Audioslave,Marilyn Manson,And..not to forget...NIRVANA!!:cool: So suggest bands...
  13. M

    Soft Rock kinda music !!! need recommendations

    Hi Can u guys recommend some slow rock bands and corresponding song/songs .. i tend to like bands like Coldplay and a select base of Greenday and REM.. i want to know some other bands like that.. i am not really into metal and fast rock but do like songs like "on bended knee...
  14. R

    Recommended Songs by Digitians(International only mostly Rock)

    You know that most of us like international rock music but rock has never been promoted as pop or hip-hop atleast in India. And we rarely get to hear new rock from not so famous bands other than the songs on the charts. so i'm starting this thread for u guyz to post some songs which u...
  15. chesss

    Is this rock or metal?

    Hey I hav never ben into music but recently i listened to this 'linkin park' in my cousins ipod and since then, very unexpectedly I am in luv with this sort of music. I listen to their album(meteora) like every day atleast 5 times. Its so intense pumpin , just awsome!! exactly which sort...
  16. Quiz_Master

    The Rock on Shazam!

    This news is I found on an another Comics forum but found it interesting for WWE fans like me. SOURCE
  17. L

    Scientist Discovers Another Ocean Underneath Earth

    Scientists scanning the deep interior of Earth have found evidence of a vast water reservoir beneath eastern Asia that is at least the volume of the Arctic Ocean. The discovery marks the first time such a large body of water has found in the planet’s deep mantle.The finding, made by Michael...
  18. club_pranay

    Good News For All DOOM Lovers!! - Doom - the movie

    Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak Writer(s): Wesley Strick, Dave Callaham Cast: The Rock, Karl Urban, Rosamund Pike, Deobia Oparei, Ben Daniels, Raz Adoti, Richard Brake, Al Weaver, Yao Chin, Dexter Fletcher
  19. N

    How do i turn my system into a rock station/radio

    We have aroun 40 systems in our LAN. I want to host a radio on my system for others. Please tell me which server should i use
  20. Charley

    Nintendo Revltion Section [ Queries here ]

    Will the hardcore gamers, be alienated by nintendo... Seriously though, Nintnedo's new focus is to gain new gamers and gamers who quit playing. I don't like a single game on that system. Yea, Metroid and Mario Kart and Advance Wars will rock, but for the most part they are focusing on "new"...
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