[Praise] TP-LINK Router Quick Replacement | Awesome service


My 2.5 year old TP-LINK WR-740N router's WAN port suddenly stop working so the router was not able to connect to internet

So 15 days ago I called there Toll free no :1800 2094 168 Ask for replacement in Mumbai they gave one Lamington Road no:+91 2243402424. So today i call this no and ask for the proper address & the receiver told there is no tp-link service center here :shock: & its the same no on there website also :-x I called the toll free number ask for proper no & add now they gave one mobile no:8408884592 & same address as on there website 201, AAditya Arcade, 2nd floor, Topiwala lane, Lamington Road, Grant Road , Mumbai- 400007. T el No:- 022- 43402424

Finally reach here i thought here would be a queue for RMA But No queue nothing :) gave the router showed the bill on counter he checked it and gave new packed router & no rma receipt nothing:-? came out in 5 mins with new router :razz:

Actually I thought i would have to go again to collect the router after 5-10 days.
Awesome service by TP-LINK India:)


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good, reminds me of service of strontium - they did not even bother to check the bill and product. Only S/N is enough.


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Yeah, TP-LINK has awesome service, they replaced my TP-W8961N with a TP-W8968 when I complained that it doesn't accept mac address change.
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