1. N

    [Video Feedback] Project FRS(Motivational)

    Hi guys, I just decided to make a video to motivate the one's who are feeling low,depressed,faced failure etc. This is the first half of it...Failure & Why do we fall. What do you think about it? Some addition? Deletion? Shortening etc? +ve/-ve feedback? Thanks...
  2. emailvarunchandak

    Switching Graphics from Dedicated to On-board on Desktop PC

    Hello, I have been facing problem in 1 particular game, Rise of Nations, where I am unable to play it on windows 7 x64 Home Premium. Error: This game cannot run on 256 colors. Please change to 16-bit or 32-bit color, etc bullshit..... Now, who will use their computers in 256 colors...
  3. A

    Rise of Nations Extended Edition

    Old and gold Rise of Nations is back as Rise of Nations Extended Edition on steam, with steam multiplayer platform and twitch live streaming. In terms of content, nothing has really been added (no new expansion packs ,civilizations or units). BUT, the existing content itself has been...
  4. Flash

    Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015)

    Lara is back... Rise of the Tomb Raider continues the story of Lara Croft as she seeks to learn more about the deeper, secret world she as discovered around her. Obsessed by what she has seen, Lara is now threatened by a shadow organization intent on killing her for what she knows. She is...
  5. gameranand

    A sudden rise in Zombie games

    Guys is it just me or you guys have also noticed it. A few years back there weren't so many zombie games but now when I go to steam or any gaming site then its flooding with Zombie games. Just too many games of this type. What triggered the sudden rise in development of so many zombie games or I...
  6. B

    Facebook rise or fall?

    Facebook has posted a loss of $59m (£37m) despite seeing revenues rise 32% during the third quarter. Where is this all heading?
  7. abhijit_reddevil

    Petrol price may rise by Rs.5/L, diesel Rs.3/L, LPG Rs.50/cylinder

    Petrol may rise Rs 5/litre, diesel Rs 3 - The Times of India Why dont they fix the petrol price at Rs.100/L, diesel at Rs.80/L and LPG at Rs.700/cylinder instead of this drama every few months? :evil:
  8. Stuge

    Got Myself Nikon Dx00..... ;)

    Somehow manage to get one and lovin it .Its out of stock (nikon india is expecting new stock in march now ].I know D800 is round the corner ,but due to rise in value of dollar against rupee/yen.I'm quite sure D800 will cost a bomb . Damages :1.1dash dash :P with bill and 2 years nikon...
  9. amrit1

    rise of nations installation problem in vista

    I bought a brand new Rise of Nations from a shop some 3 months ago and i installed it on my hp dv5 notebook with windows vista. I played the game for a month, it worked fine. Now when i started the game some days ago (after putting its CD in the drive), an error came asking me to insert the...
  10. s18000rpm

    US Air Force Sponsored Games - FREE

    Get Area 51, The Suffering and Rise & Fall Civilizations at War completely free of charge. Air Force Sponsored Games The Suffering Rise & Fall : Civilizations at War Area 51
  11. R

    how to ask for pay rise

    a a
  12. g_goyal2000

    Rise of Legends update query

    I just installed Rise of Legends on my PC. It's running fine & without any problems. I just updated the game & it downloaded a whopping 328 MB of update files. Now, what I wanna know is, is there someway by which I can manually update the game through those update files. I mean is there any...
  13. blademast3r

    Rise of nations resolution help

    Hi guys i hav this small prob...i hav an ol monitor that doesnt support 1024x768 reso....i jus installed rise of nations...the game starts off in 1024x768 and i see a fickerin screen...how do i change the res from outside the game.....??? dumb games tha assume every1 has new moonitors
  14. R

    Salary rise

    Anyone interested to share their average salary rise for last one year, to give sort of idea of salary rise to all young software engineers. I got rise of around 10000/month this year
  15. T

    3 new games from codemasters coming in 2008 for PC and "consoles"

    Codemasters revealed that Race Driver One, Rise of the Argonauts and Operation Flashpoint 2 coming in 2008. Race Driver One will use Codemasters' much-touted Neon game engine, currently being utilised in the next Colin McRae game. Operation Flashpoint 2 is the latest addition to the firm’s...
  16. S

    Help me chose a CPU+Mobo.

    Hi friends, I dont know whether to go in for amd athlon 64 x2 3800+ or the pentium d 915 i cant afford a c2d pc so help me with the above question ill be using this config only for RTS games like rise of nations and rise of legends, i will not play FPS, RPS, racing games as i have a ps2...
  17. s18000rpm

    Google helps Phishers - Kaspersky Lab

    Source: Kaspersky Lab + VirusList.com
  18. \/endett/\

    RoN query

    Can some1 tell whats the differnece between Rise Of Nations, Rise of Nations: thrones and patriots and rise of nations:rise of legends? which one is the latest? Any help is appreciated :)
  19. M

    aLL THE fun taken out of HL2

    hi, i recent ly installed HL2 on my laptop (compaq nx6130) which has 256mb ram (think it's DDR2) , and Ati X300 card. i thought i can play hl2 @ 800x600 @ med details without anti aliasing, but the game's running really badly. i'll ' giv u a sample.. "rise and shine, mister mister...
  20. S

    My first overclock!!

    Hi guys! Just managed to o/c my CLUB3D 9600XT! The default core/memory setting is 499/337.5 I managed to increase it to 564/405 Here are my Scores BEFORE 3DMARK 05-1744 AQUAMARK 3-29,582 AFTER 3DMARK 05-1942 AQUAMARK 3-31,512 Now is the performance rise...
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