1. adityak469

    Iconic Ringtones You Ever Discovered?

    What are the best/iconic ringtones you ever discovered? Notification sound counts too. (with links :D ) For me it there are two - Mario Theme Song - *www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_QQNrRpvSE Spiderman Theme Song (TASM 2) -...
  2. Blue Ripazah

    Share your ringtones

    ohk guys share your ringtones here :lol::-D:wink::mrgreen: edit : forgot to put mine ....its stereo love by adam lewine
  3. aQi_g

    Custom ringtones on LG fathom vs750?

    I have LG FATHOM vs750 , i have installed a micro sd card in the fathom with a bunch of ringtones and mp3s on it.....how do i make the sounds my actual ringtones for the phone? instead of using the standard ringtones that come with the phone?
  4. R

    Newbie to Android need help

    I have upgraded from Nokia to Android so finding it lots of difficult to adjust to android. Earlier in nokia, installing using ringtones, music files, video files, java applications was very easy you just need to copy into sd card and it will do all, now in my samsung galaxy 551 I tried...
  5. digitoman

    Instrumental ringtones

    Hi, * *I am looking for the instrumental ringtones of the songs "Tadap tadap ke is dil se" from the film "Hum dil de chuke sanam" and "Ya rabba" from the film "Salam-e-ishq" respectively. Can anyone pls help me get this ringtones.:?:*
  6. H

    Best phone below Rs.4000 ???

    want a mobile below 4000....should play mp3 ringtones...that is....it must be able to transfer mp3 ringtones from pc to mobile...
  7. ramprasad

    MP3 ringtone on SE-G502

    Hi, Is anyone having a SE-G502.? I am planning to buy over the weekend. Saw in SE website that it does not support MP3 ringtones and Video recording. In other mobile review websites like gsmarena.com, etc... they say it is possible.. Can anyone having G502 clarify...?
  8. satyamy

    Nokia N73 - Want to Hide Ringtones from Music Gallery and Video Songs from Gallery ?

    I have Nokia N73 I am using its default setting Havent installed any extra music player or any software I copy Ringtones in a Separate folder in Memory Card but it automatically Comes in Music Gallery and When I play songs ringtones also get qued in the Music Library and starts playing one...
  9. krates

    what's the ringtone you have set in your cell

    Currently my ringtone is Teriyaki boyz - Tokyo drift download post your's in this way we will get to know some good ringtones
  10. fakkadbaba

    How to convert to ringtones?

    Can I be informed of a free software, which can be used to edit/cut mp3 songs and convert them into true ringtones for Nokia mobile phone?
  11. praka123

    Microsoft Surface launching April 17th... with AT&T

    No, Microsoft hasn't suddenly transformed its 30-inch, multi-touch Surface into a big-ass cellphone. It has, however, chosen AT&T to launch the world's first Surface into retail. Shoppers in New York, Atlanta, San Antonio, and San Francisco will be treated to what amounts to the novelty (at...
  12. Krazy_About_Technology

    Sony Ericcson W660i Ringtone sound problem! Plz help

    Hi Guys, I just 4 days back purchased a w660i walkman phone from sony ericsson. Its great in every aspect and i love it for its responsive software and great features including 2 MP camera, walkman music system and a very functional HTML browser. But today i noticed that the ringtones that...
  13. S

    All the latest Mobile Ringtones

    All the latest Mobile Ringtones. Only seconds away. Download it Now! visit www.latestmobiletones.com
  14. He28

    Nokia Experts... Please Help!

    Hi guys, I have a Nokia 3100 and recently I bought a new Nokia 3230. I downloaded many poly ringtones from different sources on Nokia 3100. Now, I need to transfer all those ringtones to Nokia 3230. Is these any way to get all ringtones transferred to my new Nokia 3230. I know many of you will...
  15. M

    Try to make your ringtones

    Try to make your ringtones , download mp3 to ringtone gold at *www.oursdownload.com
  16. blueshift

    xx channel/xx chord ringtones?

    What are 16channel and 40chord(for example) polyphonic ringtones? SE phones shows they have 40 chord ringtones. What do all these mean? Is SEk320i available in India? I would have opted for LGC2500 but i heard its battery gets exhausted quickly. __________ *bump. please reply anyone.
  17. blueshift

    Suggest me a mob too.

    I need just a low cost dual band basic mob. Must have polyphonic ringtones and GPRS. thats it! Edit: Are there low cost mobs that support mp3 ringtones? I mean below 3000 range.
  18. codename_romeo

    mp3 to midi

    Can anyone suggest any freeware for conversion of mp3 to midi for use as ringtones in mobile phones?
  19. K

    Some ringtones

    Some ringtones for my friends hi some ringtones I want to share with u my frnds :
  20. int86

    Wanted Titanic & Nescafe ringtone

    Can anybody locate Titanic and Nescafe midi ringtones for me.
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