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  1. pratyush997

    RIM may end up owing Nokia $5 per phone

    http://www.thinkdigit.com/Mobiles-and-PDAs/RIM-loses-patent-dispute-with-Nokia-over_11546.html ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- link
  2. A

    Why HTC is going down despite having good Smartphones?

    HTC made the first android, thought to be biggest competitor to Samsung but now are getting crushed by intense competition & razor thin margins. HTC profit falls 79% in Q3 - Times Of India RIM and HTC are Q3′s biggest smartphone losers HTC may drop to No. 8 smartphone maker in Q4: Morgan...
  3. A

    End of Blackberry? Research in Motion struggling to survive

    yet another victim getting crushed in rising Android/Apple dominated market. RIM shares plunge: 'It's a matter of survival now' From CrackBerry to 'depressing': The BlackBerry's 5-year fall
  4. hdsk.23

    RIM (Research In Motion) Prices Slashes by 50% New Year Blast!

    Festive move: RIM slashes PlayBook prices by 50% Canadian firm Research In Motion (RIM) has slashed the price of its PlayBook by more than half to Rs13,490 for the 16-GB version to cash in on the festive season and rising demand for tablet PCs in India. "The 16-GB version of the PlayBook...
  5. socrates

    PlayBook in trouble, if not dead, says analyst

    Prediction comes just two weeks after RIM promised that PlayBook upgrades would come in October. PlayBook in trouble, if not dead, says analyst - Computerworld :shock: & now the prompt rebuttal RIM calls report of PlayBook's demise 'pure fiction' Rebuts analyst who said RIM planned to...
  6. socrates

    Shareholder tells RIM to consider selling up

    Complains of "chronic underperformance". Shareholder tells RIM to consider selling up | News | TechRadar UK :) Would this ever happen in India?
  7. abhijit_reddevil

    RIM Announces Five New BlackBerry 7 Phones

    RIM Announces Five New BlackBerry 7 Phones RIM Announces Five New BlackBerry 7 Phones BlackBerry maker Research in Motion announced plans for the launch of five new BlackBerry smartphones. The company unveiled two new Bolds and three new Torch models, each running the company's new...
  8. desiibond

    Gartner: Apple Now The World's #3 Smartphone Makerner says:

    in Q1: Nokia: 14.6 million units sold RIM (Blackberry): 4.3 million units Apple: 1.7 million Growth: Nokia: 25.3% RIM: 107% Source: http://www.tomsguide.com/us/Apple-3G-iPhone,news-1597.html Chicago (IL) - Apple has become the world’s third largest smartphone maker and the second...
  9. azzu

    Bluetooth Eyewear

    Music, technology and apparel seem to be like the three Stooges these days – they don't seem to be a well-adjusted trio, but they work just fine to bring you the best in entertainment. One of the gizmos I've been waiting to get my hands (and eyes and ears) on for a while now are the O ROKR...
  10. ctrl_alt_del

    R-Connect On RIM's Prepaid Connection.

    I looked high and low but couldn't find sufficient information about this. I have a few specific queries to make, so I would really appreciate it if you guys can help me out with it. 1. How much does the data cable cost for a RIM LG RD 2340 cost? Is it all that's required to avail internet...
  11. C

    RIM mobile for 3500

    RIM mobile for 3500 I want to buy a RIM mobile which has 1) 4K or 65K colours 2) a price tag of around Rs. 3500/- 3) Has R-World Can anybody tell me what are the models available with these features.Also what are the types in which RIM prepaid vouchers come.
  12. zegulas

    RIM to Rim Free!

    Is Reliance offer of rim to rim free for a time period or forever?
  13. K

    Just for info : Yahoo Mobile goes RIM

    Reliance Infocomm has been added to the Yahoo Mobile Messenger list.. So now even RIM Users can go "I'm on SMS".. like me :D Just for info.. dont know if this has been posted here.. YAHOOOOO!!!!!
  14. A

    RIM LG Phone query

    I have upgraded my RIM from LG 2030 to LG5230 (colour). It says that you can download the phonebook etc on the PC. But there is no mention as to how. Can anyine tell me this. [Edited Batty] Thread splitted
  15. M

    Site Review Send Free SMS to RIM TATA Airtel Hutch Idea

    Hello Guys At last I got a service I tested it with RIM & IDEA & reliance Smart & airtel send SMS to rim 5 sec IDEA & smart in less than 2 min & airtel in 15 sec Just register & tell about it to ur friends and they are giving more SMSs & also don't forget to click google ads...
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