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  1. I

    ASUS gtx 295 @ Rs. 15.5 k???????

    I jus came across this online site selling an ASUS gtx 295 @ Rs. 15,250...isnt that cast supposed to retail near 30 k??? Do u guys recommend buying it?? Here`s the link http://www.sethiainfotech.com/computer-hardware/graphics-cards/asus-engtx295-nvidia-ddr3.html
  2. harishgayatri

    Windows Vista Retail Box

    Does anyone know where I can purchase Windows Vista Home Premium Retail Box in Mumbai? I dont know the Rates. Kindly mention them too. Thanks harishgayatri
  3. paroh

    Windows 7 Retail india

    Is the retail version of windows 7 is available in india if yes where prefer delhi
  4. topgear

    Windows 7 OEM Pricing Revealed

    It's a lot cheaper than retail -- and that's why you've been holding off preordering, right? Nearly all Windows 7 pricing news up to this point has been about retail SKUs, but most of you have been holding out for word of OEM prices. OEM versions of Windows do not come without fancy boxes...
  5. NucleusKore

    Microsoft to open retail stores near Apple's this fall

    Source: http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=3358 Microsoft is planning to open the first of its planned retail stores next to existing Apple stores this fall. Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer, told partners the news during his Worldwide Partner Conference keynote on July...
  6. R

    Nvdia 6200 wmp hardware acceleration

    why for wmp hardware acceleration is disabled ? according 2 nvdia weby says it support pure video . wikipedia says '''NVIDIA's PureVideo is a hardware feature designed to offload video decoding processes and video post-processing from a computer's CPU hardware to NVIDIA's GPU hardware series...
  7. M

    Retail Software

    Guys, im about to open up a retail showroom in select city walk mall, saket, delhi. it ll be a retail sale showroom... i need your support and guidance for purchasing the correct software and hardware. I want a bar code scanner, a printer (for printing bills), a display device(monitor), and...
  8. A

    How to accept payment by card at my retail shop

    Hi All I have a retail shop in a small city of uttar pradesh. I want facility to accept payment from my customer through credit/debit cards. How do i get this facility. please tell the whole procedure and total investment required.
  9. aryayush

    Reliance drags Apple retail to India; hints at a scary future

    Reliance drags Apple retail to India; hints at a scary future Posted Mar. 8, ’08, 10:02 AM PT by Aayush Arya Finally, someone has taken note of the severe shortage of retail locations where one can buy Apple products from, specially Macs, in India—and it isn’t Apple themselves. The company that...
  10. Gigacore

    Tata Rolling Out Large WiMax Network in India

    Tata Communications plans to connect 200,000 retail customers using WiMax by March 2009, the company said Tuesday. The company, which is targeting both retail and enterprise customers, said that it plans to roll out WiMax in 110 cities for its enterprise customers and 15 cities for retail...
  11. N

    Problem with HP Pavilion DVD-Writer

    HI ALL, i have an hp pavilion dv2119tx laptop which i bought last year december, with a sony dvd-writer in it....i have written or played very less no. of discs, and it was working fine, but suddenly, after a couple of windows updates, the writer has started behaving weirdly....if i put in a...
  12. preshit.net

    VSNL to showcase retail WiMax services in Bangalore

    [ Via ]
  13. the.kaushik

    BioShock demo is not working in my pc

    Today i got my digit and being excited with my new pc i tried this game from the digit dvd and hell i got this error "Bioshock.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." I was upset to see that as it being the first game i tried on my new pc and it...
  14. H

    Rediff.com selling iphone ....!!!

    http://shopping.rediff.com/shop/storeproductdisplay.jsp?prrfnbr=10216792&strfnbr=2564&frompg=Apple-iPhone_shoppinghome Its worth a laugh!!! Apple New Launch iPhone With 8 GB Memory & Vendor Warranty Retail Value: Rs.79990 Now : Rs.59990 [For Delivery in India] You Save: Rs...
  15. sourav

    Where can get retail CD of WINDOWS XP SP2

    I want the image or the retail version of cd of Windows XP professional SP2. I don't need that serial no. as i got that with my laptop. I am going to format my computer,i need a original cd.
  16. A

    Operating Systems

    I have the following operating systems cd,s I would like to know which is the best , so that i can install it. Plz note i do not have a tv tuner card for media center. the OS versions are as follows: 1)Professional versions -xp, Pro retail -xp,pro OEM -xp, pro Corp 2)Home versions...
  17. C

    Dell to Go the Retail Way!

    Hi Friends, Dell is going to sell their IT products through Retail shops throughout global. For more information refer the following link- http://www.techtree.com/India/News/Dell_to_Go_the_Retail_Way/551-81755-615.html
  18. mail2and

    India may get its first Apple Store

    Source: The Financial Express Good stuff. :) I'm impressed with the Rs 777 phone that the Anil-led Reliance bought out recently. Now it's time for Mukesh to please us. :)
  19. N

    halo 2 pc vista retail when

    does anyone knows if halo 2 for pc is available in india? or when will it be available???
  20. aryayush

    Apple’s Lesson for Sony’s Stores: Just Connect

    Apple’s Lesson for Sony’s Stores: Just Connect Customers at an Apple store in Palo Alto, Calif. Apple opened its first store in 2001 and now has over 180. More than half of each store’s staff works in post-sales service. By RANDALL STROSS Published: May 27, 2007 RETAIL is supposed...
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