Microsoft to open retail stores near Apple's this fall

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Microsoft is planning to open the first of its planned retail stores next to existing Apple stores this fall.

Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer, told partners the news during his Worldwide Partner Conference keynote on July 15. A number of attendees tweeted Turner’s words immediately.

Microsoft officials announced in February that Microsoft was planning to open retail stores but have offered few details since that time as to what the stores would look like or when they’d open. I did hear from some Softies that the stores wouldn’t be clones of Apple’s, and that they’d be more showcases than actual retail outlets.

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Bond, Desi Bond!
I clearly told Apple, don't try to pull Microsoft's leg and you will be dommed. But they never listened. See now. MS choked them with laptop hunters ads and now are going to start MS stores having products much much cheaper than similar once available in apple store.
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