1. patkim

    Does IDM auto resume broken download?

    I have tried Internet Download Manager (IDM)app. It’s good and stable but I notice that it does not auto resume broken downloads in case it happens mostly when the internet connectivity is lost for some time just in case. In such a case I have to manually resume the download. Is this expected...
  2. ssdivisiongermany1933

    how to resume video downloads from youtube ?

    Iam not able to resume video download from youtube , A small disconnection leads to the broken download and I have to start again , its really very painful ,is there a way to resume video download ??
  3. TechnoHolic

    Resume Youtube Videos

    Vodafone behaving like a cheater, I can download youtube videos using IDM but with no resume support. Actually it's happening with all streaming media sites with Vodafone 2G Connection. (I've tested with Reliance, Everything is OK) Can anyone tell me any tricks,tweaks.?
  4. patkim

    unable to resume from standby

    I have sony vaio Y series netbook Win7 Starter 32bit, AMD E350 processor, 2 GB RAM, it’s about 1.5 years old. Now it fails to resume from Standby or ‘Screen turned off’ mode. The blinking orange light (during standby) does turn green when I press power button, but nothing happens thereafter. I...
  5. A

    Resume not working

    I have a 32-bit Win 7 running in my laptop. The resume feature is not being supported by my system for almost all applications like Idm, Fdm, iTunes, Firefox download etc. I have tried reinstalling each of them, but it doesn't work. Please help. PS: I dont want to reinstall my OS.
  6. M

    Downloader that wont currupt files during power cuts..

    I want a free download manager, which will resume file download after power cuts and will not resume from start. currently I am fed up of power cuts in my area. files are getting corrupted and I have to start downloading files from start, after downloading hundreds of MB's. please suggest...
  7. A

    Need application to control & prioritize internet bandwidth

    I need a software which can prioritize internet bandwidth. Whenever i am trying to download a file and browse at the same time, i will have wait until file gets downloaded or pause the download. if i forget to resume the download after browsing, it will be waste of bandwidth. if there is an...
  8. prankie

    System doesn't Resume!

    Hi, I recently bought a system havin config: AMD Phenom II X2 550BE, AsRock M3A785GXH/128M Motherboard 2GB Kingston DDR3 1333Mhz Ram, 500GB Seagate HDD The prob is that whenever I send the sytem on sleep state, it fails to resume. The computer goes to sleep, then the power LED starts...
  9. INS-ANI

    Need advice for my resume..

    Experienced lot.. i need some advice to give final finish to my resume.. I need help in some key elements of my resume... i m fresher, with no work exp..? However i have worked as sponsorship manager, Even manager, Event head, PR and presently working as Senior advisor in my college student...
  10. I

    Download resume

    i can not resume download from suggest any other site or software.i use FDM
  11. D

    Resume ??

    friends... i am now in the 7th semester of my B.E.(Computer Engineering)... now is the time for recruitments n placement drives by various companies... my question is that what content a resume must contain.... i.e whether i should develop a general resume for all companies... or Company...
  12. aminsagar123

    PowerDVD Resume

    PowerDVD has a resume feature for DVDs but it doesn't work if we import and play media files. Is there any way to save movie position in Power DVD so we can resume from that point at a later time ? Thanks.
  13. A

    utorrent-resume after formatting/reinstall possible?

    my desktop's motherboard(intel 845gv) had to be replaced and i have to reinstall my os(win xp) now,when my desktop was working well, i was downloading stuff and many of them were almost complete(97%, etc)... what i want to know is if there's any way by which i can resume from where i left...
  14. jack_the_ripper

    Sites for preparing Resume?

    hi, I have my placements coming up in a couple of weeks and i need a good site that will help me prepare my resume. I'll be graduating next year, and i have no prior work experience..! So i need to prepare my resume on these lines. so can u guys pls help me? regards.
  15. S

    How to resume incomplete downloads in another download manager

    I downloading Ubuntu DVD ISO 8.04 (3.7 GB) in Free Download Manager. After downloading about 2 GB of data, due to some problems, the file entry has disappeared from the list of downloading files in Free download manager. The incomplete file however is still present in the folder but i can resume...
  16. C - Review?

    Hi Guys, I just launched this site in an intention that this will be a free service for life long. Yes thats true, you can avail this service for free as long as you are alive :) With ResumeHype you can now host your resume for FREE - Features - - Fast and easy...
  17. elenec

    Resume download from PART file in firefox down them all

    How can I resume a download using only a PART file? I was downloading 800 MB file which was interrupted due to some reason and entry was also deleted from DTA. Fortunately, I noticed that it still has .exe.PART file which is about 400 MB. Now I want to resume that download with this PART file...
  18. I

    About FDM

    I use Free Downlod Manager.when i reinstall windows.i have to start a download from there any method may enable to resume that download.can i insatall it in differnt drive for that purpose? Any suggestion.
  19. Vivek788

    Resuming download

    I had a 40 gb hard disk(primary,with windows and music) and a 120 gb hard disk. Last week the first one crashed ...just like has not been detected hence in mnay systems.and it was bought in I don think warranty exists(its samsung). Now I have got myself a new system.There...
  20. dr_jimit

    Try Bootvis = It Really works = XP BOOTS IN JUST 30 SECONDS !!!!!!

    Yes friends, it just booted me in xp in amazing 30 seconds, I remembered the days when i clean installed xp without any drivers, It really decreased boot time for me from 2-3 minutes to just 30 seconds!! I got its info from eBOOk = TweakGuides Tweaking Companion for Xp. BootVis...
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