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  1. S

    Budget Configuration Please

    After postponing the Upgrading for 2-3 times finally its time. My Final Exams will be over Next month and have got 25,000 and I need 1.Processor 2. Motherboard 3. Hard Disk 4. Graphics Card 5.SMPS 6.RAM . Recommend me please what should I buy . I am thinking of buying Processor AMD...
  2. U

    Soft Reset Help for Canvas2

    Hello...please help me with any option that lets me reset the phone in soft manner. Also my touch screen does not respond so how to cot=rrect it? How to do a 4.1.1. update thru micromax website.
  3. S

    ADSL Router query - PLEASE HELP

    I have an Airtel broadband connection and want to use an ADSL Router to use my lappy anywhere from my home. Requirement : 4 rooms on ground floor, and may be in future will use it on 1st and 2nd floor as well. Need good range. After doing a lot of research I shortlisted DLINK 2750 (Rs...
  4. K

    Any iPad-3 Owners in Mumbai !

    Anybody here from Mumbai who has got the iPad-3 can you respond to this, have some questions. :-)
  5. omega44-xt

    PC hangs while connecting to net

    My PC sometimes get hanged when i connect to my broadband via dial up connection. Mouse pointer moves but PC does not respond. It doesn't respond even after an hour. What could the problem be ?:-( Earlier when i posted the problem in digit forum, everyone suggested me to replace my PSU as...
  6. Anish

    My computer doesn't respond

    Hi, It was fine since i installed the OS. but nowadays, i face this problem. Whenever I open my computer, it hangs and the window doesn't respond. But i can access the drives by typing their names from other window(ex: explorer, mydoc etc). Only my computer is hanging... why this happens... pls...
  7. shiwa436

    Need Help regarding RTI-2005

    I have a doubt regarding RTI-2005 , right to information act. If we send an application for some information to any govt. office and they didn't respond. How can we give proof that we requested information.....?
  8. sam9s

    Anybody from IP Univ Delhi

    Anybody doing MCA from indraprastha Univ or Seeking admission 09/10 for MCA in IP univ......respond
  9. jxcess3891

    Any girls in TDF?

    Are there any girls here? Pls respond.
  10. Artemis

    problem getting Drivers for 6608AU

    My friend has a V6608Au Compaq lappy, recently i formatted it nly to find out tha he didnt have the driver cds, I have been trying to download them of the net from the Hp site for the past 10 days...but to no avail, the download doesnt start and even if it does it has a shitty speed of 10kb/s...
  11. Sridhar_Rao

    error printing as pdf using distiller

    Attempt to print a web page from browser (Firefox) as pdf file using adobe distiller 5.0 results in error. This document cannot be printed...troubleshoot...etc is the error message. The Firefox does not respond and has to closed (end task) forcibly. The option by default is ebook. What is the...
  12. R

    generic host win32 process services

    hi to all, i have a lenovo y500 laptop with winxp sp2 and server 2003 as dual boot. the problem is that whenever i start browsing internet this error pop up randomly (i.e. no definite tine may be 2 min or 2 hr) and once i respond it hangs my conn even i cannot disconnect. i am posting the...
  13. P

    how to access net through lg c2500

    can any body help , plz tell me how can i connect to internet through lg c2500 plz respond to pandu_therock@yahoo.co.in
  14. J

    configuring msoutlook

    Dear friends, Can anybody help me to configure msoutlook for yahoo, rediffmail, hottmail, gmail in my computer hope u somebody will respond positively with thanks jc
  15. P

    any Bhagyanagar(hyderabad) people plz respond

    hi! guys i wanted to know place at hyderabad where i cn=an get the computer hardware like Nehru Place at Delhi and Ritche street in cheenai. any Bhagyanagar people plz respond.
  16. debsuvra

    Got stuck with my Nokia 3120

    I am a 'proud' owner of N3120 from april 2006 and since last 3 weeks it apperars to be gone mad. The problem with the phone is whenever I want to start the phone, it shows the popular Nokia logo and then it shuts automatically for a moment. Then suddenly it wakes up with a bright white screen...
  17. harmax

    old computer parts,SELLING PRICE INCLUDED,chennai

    old computer parts,SELLING PRICE Rs 200 flat,chennai computer parts : ASUS CDROM DRIVE ( great working condition ) Samsung CD writer ( wrting NO PROBLEMS , Tray is a bit of a problem ) Samsung keyboard Logitech 3 button scroll mouse mercury cabinet ( without SMPS)...
  18. S

    Strange Problem of display card

    I recently baught a generic ATI chipset PCI VGA card with TV out. My MB is Intel 915GV After i installed the card I am able to connect my TV to the CPU but when starting XP the system restarts during the boot process. However the system starts only in safe mode with no drivers ie no...
  19. nitish_mythology

    Win "Start" button does not working...

    Win "Start" button is not working!!! I installed WinBlind few days ago. After some days I changed the theme,Now my start buton does not respond sometimes. What to do? Is there any free alternative??
  20. V

    help topic

    hello i have win xp profrssional. when i am using help& sipport center cpu usages becomes 100% & computer doen`t respond how to correct my problem? plz help
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