MANDRAKE 10.1....!!!

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HI All

i get mandrake 10.1 from linux for you(feb 2005) issue

now what to do ?

i dont know the basic requirements of it...


celron 1.2Ghz
128 mb ram

can i install it on my system..??? :? :? :?



Boot from the CD ... The installation is extremely userfriendly... u will get all the u need while installing

happy installing


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as tuxfan said check for the space. do u 've enough hard disk space?? 2 GB + space is needed for a standard install.
you can install Mandrake 10.1 without burning a single disk.


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If Im correct you can copy all the iso's to your hard drive and then using nero or nti cd make you can chose an option to Create Disc from Image file ( I use NTI CD maker) . Once you write all three iso's to 3 discs you should be able to boot up with it and then install as usual .

Otherwise theres a post on the board explaining how to install it without burning the images to the cd's. I believe you can find the post here .

Hope this helps.


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i am not able to install modem driver...
i have a modem (internall)which works fine on windows!
its an ACE modem marketed by wipro i think...
Please help as i am very impressed by Mandrake 10.1 and wanna use it only

and Mods Plaes make a sticky related to Mandrake 10.1 as it is included in The Digit DVD
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