List/Site/Tool for knowing Minimum Game Requirements?

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Hi Gamerz,

Like we have Cheat database, is there any site/List or Tool which provides minimum game requirements of games on PC?

The list will be handy to decide whether the current configuration of the PC can pull the game off or not.Rather then , first installing and then getting the error/warning ;)

I know that with any game review, they provide the Recommended/Minimum requirements, but some sort of database for all the games will come really handy.

Also it is the case that people *are* able to run the game on machines which are less then the min. requirement, albeit *just* run ;).So user experiences count too, apart from official figures.

Any inputs?




Aspiring Novelist such there is no site that clearly mentions wheter the game will run on specific Config for sure or not.The Developers dun test the game on each and every card and config and hence cant set guidelines for every config,So are forced to list out on a Common Minimum requirements which are not always the correct ones.So its upto us to try it out and list out which games runs on which config :D


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The best one can do is look around on the net. Sometimes you do come across little tools that check your system and declare if the game will run or not. For example, I came across one for Sims 2. It did just a generic check and declared that my RAM is insufficient and the game wont run...but the game did run, albeit with a slight stutter.

One can only hope to come across someone who has got the game to run on a system that is similar or inferior to your own setup. For example, HL2 did run on my system with a SiS 650 onboard card and 236mb DDR RAM. Then so did Doom 3 but I better not talk about it...the game on my system would have scared you all to a different way! Heh Heh! Wait...whom am I laughing at? *Confused!
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