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Helloooo techies,
So once again I'm up with a junk of problem. Can anyone tell me that can we extract the music(only music) from a song? If yes then tell me how and the requirements too.

My second question: Can we attach a VCD MP3 player to a PC. If yes then how? And again , what are the requirements?

My third question : I have an aver media TV tuner card. I want to record full length songs from that to my hard disk. But it records only for 30 seconds. How can I increase its recording time.

My fourth question : Whenever I try to connect a microphone to my PC to record voice, the voice doesn't get recorded, Rather it doesnt detect any voice. When I connect the same microphone to another computer the voice can be recorded. Also how do I increase the recording time in the voice recorder?

My fifth question: My disk defragmenter doesnt move up from 0% even after one hour.

And now a very serious question: What do you expect in the aniversary issue?

One fact that I woul tell you is that free download manager is really good in increasing the downloading speed.

Thats all for now. Good times. Happy surfing. Think wisely and answer correctly.


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What os is yours?

Shut down all the processes while running defrag. or better still run defrag. in safe mode.

Yes Free download manager really increases downloading speed. I use it. Also look at Flashget - an excellent alternative.


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To attach a mp3 player to a pc get a dual stereo jack pin wire and plug in one end into PC audio in and the other to the line out of the mp3 player. To attach a vcd player appart from the previous thing you have to attach a video out to the tv / capture card to get the video
To get the mic voice click on sound icon go to advance and select mic click on +20db boost. Thats it you will get the sound To record full songs use a video recording software.


1. Although it can be done, but I don't see an easy way out of it. Wait for some veteran to chime in and answer this questions which I myself would love to know.

2. Not all VCD/MP3 players are same, but I think its quite easy to attach it to a PC.

3. Perhaps, your microphone is muted in the settings, check it. As for recording more, get a 3rd party software like PureVoice and others.

4. Your Processor seems slow, no other possible reason I could think of.

Hope that helps!


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First of all whats ur OS and motherboard ????

For your second question, yes you can attach a VCD MP3 Player to your Video IN of your aver tv tuner card and then record stuff from the VCD MP3 Player. You kust need a cable which you must have got with the VCD Player which attaches to your VIDEO IN of your TV.

For your third question, you wanna record full length songs on to your HDD from where?? From your CDROM,VCD Player or what??? If you wanna record from your walkman or music system then buy a both side female stereo wire and plug one side into your walkman's headphone outlet and the other in the line in of your sound card. Now use softwares like Sony Sound Forge to record the song and save it in MP3 or whichever format you want.

The only problem while recording is that your recording device is not the one which you are plugging the microphone into. Goto Control Panel->Sound and Multimedia Poperties->Audio and check the preferred recording device there. It should be the one you are plugging it into. If there is only one device then check you recording software.

The best way to defragment your hard drive is to use third party utilities like Norton Speed Disk and etc. If you don;t have access to any kind of third party softwares then Boot in Safe Mode and defragment your hard drive.
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