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  1. T

    Problem with Reply

    Team Digit Does not reply at any single email..
  2. S

    Mobile fb chat

    I have sony ericsson cedar mobile. How can i do facebook chat on this phone?????pls help and reply.......
  3. L

    need Audio Technica M50

    hi, need Audio Technica M50 headphone in kolkata. pls reply.
  4. sayan8

    What is the minimum amps reqiurd fr a HD 7750

    I hav a AMD 7750.So my frnd also willing to get it...But he is wondering what is the min amps required on 12v .... Please reply
  5. L

    need JVC HA-RX700

    hi, need JVC HA-RX700 in kolkata. how can i get. please reply.
  6. A

    How to contact companies for getting products for review?

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum. I am starting my own tech review blog, and I want to get some products for review. The question is, how do I get them from the companies? How do I contact them? Phone, email, etc.? What should I say, how should I say it, etc.? Someone please reply, I had...
  7. Siddharth_1

    Best LED Tv...

    Requirements- Full HD Slim design Loud Audio Which is the cheapest LED that fulfills these requirements? Plzzz reply...
  8. kg11sgbg

    VeeDee E10 Tablet

    I am purchasing the VeeDee E10 Tablet. How much reliable and functional is it? Any experience by anybody of this Forum? Please do reply. Hey,Friends, reply please...particularly if any one has purchased and used it.
  9. S

    M Gpu's.. no reply in Gamerz section :-(

    Hello Everyone...... Guys recently i am collecting information about Graphic Chips.... Now i am not getting some information about it.... A. What is the difference between Nvidia GT...M and GTX...M series? B. What are the advantages if i buy GTX or Vice/Verse? C. Which would be the best in...
  10. P

    ICT project of corporate infocom pvt ltd India

    Recently heard of this ICT project by this company....is it really worth it??? someone who knows about it please reply.
  11. SunnyGamingHD2

    [URGENT] Portable Hard Drive Suggestion!

    Hi to all:-D I want to buy Portable Hard Drive Requirements Below:- 1: 500GB 2: USB 3.0 3: Western Digital Brand 4: Budget 4k-4.2k and plz tell me is Tradus.com safe for shopping? Reply fast please i am waiting!;) ok i recently ordered...
  12. A

    i5 3210m vs i7 3612qm...i7 how much better

    Compare Intel® Products ^^ above is the link to the comparison to the two processor in question...just want to know how much better is the i7 over the i5...in the fiels of programming,multi-tasking,gaming,speed, performance...etc. Also what the difference between BGA and rPGA...the i5 and i7...
  13. coolnikhil

    Nokia 701 worth buy.? Pls reply ASAP.

    hey guyz. I am looking for a smartphone in around 15K for my girlfriend. I like Nokia Maps and battery backup of nokia phones. So i was looking at specs of Nokia 701 but seems a bit pricey for my budget. I wanted to know that is it value for money at 17,800. or should i consider any other phone...
  14. curioustechy

    HD TV tuner card

    hi guys i posted this somewhere sometime back and couldnt get a reply... so i'm posting it again....plz reply i've cornered myself to this one "AverMedia AVerTV HYBRID VOLAR HX TV Tuner Card" AverMedia AVerTV HYBRID VOLAR HX TV Tuner Card | Tv Tuner Card | Flipkart.com can anybody...
  15. dashang

    which is best website maker ? jhoomla or drupal?

    Which is better Jhoomla or Drupal and what is its use with php?? And with Wordpress can we make all kinds of sites (even E-commerce) ?? Need help guys please reply
  16. CommanderShawnzer

    blu-ray player

    Requirements must play commercial Blu-rays must play and upScale DVD content to 1080p/720p atleast 1x HDMI budget 7k 40 views and no reply?
  17. aaruni

    Texting while roaming

    Hey All, My friend is leaving bangalore today and going someplace north. Will roaming costs apply on his phone when he texts back? In bangalore he has a sms pack which gives a hundred or so free sms in a day. Please reply as he will be in a train for 9 days and we only chat to spend...
  18. ax3

    AVG or Avast ! ! !

    will b installing new OS so kinda need to install AV also ... was using avast6 ... should i change it to AVG or keep it same ??? ppl using AVG plz reply, how is it ??? coz its rated as TOP 1 free av by digit & other mags ....
  19. A

    New GTX 560

    i want to buy a new nvidia GTX 560 graphic card........... i have Corsair 500w PSU... Is it enough for GTX 560????????? Pls reply......
  20. K


    Please give a correct answer. Who are using this LG Optimus Net Dual! When ONE SIM is using for Data usage (Internet purpose) can i receive or dial any calls or SMS from the other SIM? Please give me reply as soon as possible i want to buy if that question is clarified. Waiting for User's...
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