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  1. mati17

    Smartphone with Non removable battery

    Dear Forum, I am goin to buy Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime. But it has "Non removable battery". Is this disadvantage ? What are benefits of removable battery ? Please guide me as i want to purchase Samsung Mobile want to keep it 2-3 years. Thanks & Regards, Matin
  2. ashs1

    Transcend Pendrive RMA

    Hi guys :) I once again need your help. 1) My 4.5 months old transcend pendrive has suddenly stopped working since yesterday. Whenever i insetr the pendrive, it shows "Removable Disk" instead of the name assigned & when i open/explore it, i t says " please insert a disk into Removable...
  3. A

    need help to buy a decent smart phone

    1. Budget? 20-25k 2. Display type and size? 4 to 5., preferably 4.3-4.7 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? sony, samsung, htc , nokia , motorola (not in a specific order) .. not sure about LG. micromax, karbonn etc a strict NO. 5. Preferred...
  4. doomgiver

    [Want to Buy] Mp3 player with removable storage.

    budget : ~2000 INR something like sansa clip+ very basic player needed, no frills. i dont even care if it just has a tiny screen and plays music, i wont be using it for anything else, anyway. also, MUST HAVE EXPANDABLE STORAGE, like, removable memory cards (hot swappable is a definite + )
  5. Nexus

    Missing Data on Removable HD

    I have checked the forum for similar thread but couldnt find it so : :pullhair:
  6. anagh.k1

    Removing write-protection from removable drives

    my computer mounts all removable drives as read-only. the write access is blocked for any usb-devices, mobiles when in mass storage mode, and external hdds. these devices worked fine when checked on other systems. while trying to repair on my own i disabled the "deny write access" option for...
  7. N

    A cheap webcam with removable IR Filter(Budget <1500).

    Hi I need a webcam with these minimum requairments : I need this webcam to make a cheap multitouch screen and my budget is around 1500 Rs.(As stated in heading). I know one webcam logitech c120 with removable IR Filter but its frame rate and resolution are unknown.Other one Logitech...
  8. P

    Removable Disk although no pendrive not plugged in

    hi, In my computer, there is a removable disk icon, which when clicked shows please insert a disk in drive F.....what is this problem all about??? One more question, where to get the realtek audio software for my laptop (Compaq Presario cq42 running win 7 ultimate 64bit)??? The sound level is...
  9. Skud

    Changing card reader's icons

    Changing card reader's icons and name i have a usb multi card reader with 4 slots 4 compact flash, sd/mmc etc., xd and ms/ms-pro etc. however whenever i plugged them in all the 4 drives show as removable drive in windows explorer with similar icons. is there any hack that can represent the...
  10. desiibond

    X300 vs Envy 133 vs MacBook Air... Fight!

    ThinkPad X300 Envy 133 MacBook Air 0.73 to 0.92-inches 0.70-inches 0.16 to 0.76-inches 2.9 to 3.1-pounds* 3.37-pounds 3 pounds 13.3-inch LED 13.3-inch LED 13.3-inch LED 1,440 x 900 1,280 x 800 1,280 x 800 Removable Battery Removable Battery Not Removable Ethernet External via USB adapter 3x USB...
  11. D

    Removable drive problem in Mandriva 08!

    Mandriva Linux 2008 Power Pack does not seem to detect removable drives at all lately for me. It used to work before. This includes even my MP3 player. Please help. Configuration: AMD Athlon 3200+ 160GB SATA hard disk Leadtek 6600GT graphics Creative PCI sound Please help!!!
  12. chicha

    HDD drives detected as removable drives

    My friend faces this problem(he calls it problem as he is fed up with it), He has a 160GB SATA segate HDD. every time he boots his pc, his hdd is detected as removable drives and all his drives are then detected individually. why?
  13. M

    modifying removable drive

    I have a 160 GB hard drive (a normal computer hard drive) which i've converted into a removable sort of a hard drive, adding the casing. It's basically divided into 4 partitions, 2 Fat32 and 2 NTFS. Since i use Linux most of the time, i'd like to convert all the partitions into Ext3...
  14. anandk

    SyncToy 1.4 PowerToy for Vista.

    If you need to syncronise to something that's not supported, eg a digital camera, across folders, or even between different computers, then SyncToy 1.4, a PowerToy from Microsoft, which is Vista compatible, and will let you sync a folder to a removable hard drive, a network share, and so on. Get...
  15. R

    how to fix this problem inthe usb drive

    i had a fine working pen drive untill all of a sudden it stopped responding .... it is getting recognised ,,,,,but not as a single usb drive but as two removable disc drives.... i.e when i plug in there are two removable disc drives shown as removable disc (I: ) removable disc (J: ) and i am...
  16. R

    how to fix usb drive

    i had a fine working pen drive untill all of a sudden it stopped responding .... it is getting recognised ,,,,,but not as a single usb drive but as two removable disc drives.... i.e when i plug in there are two removable disc drives shown as removable disc (I: ) removable disc (J: ) and i am...
  17. D

    help me : i pod trouble

    my i pod does not detect in my windows xp when i connect it to the pc. what should i do . i do not get a drive removable drive. please help me
  18. S

    Why hard disk drive as removable drive?

    Hai there Why my 80GB seagate 7200 RPM hard disk drive is showing as removable drive (under safly remove icon in system notification area) in my windows XP SP2 system powered by AMD Athlon 64 bit 3000+ and ASUS motherboard.
  19. mak1012

    help help help cant c pen drive icon

    hello guys....i need very imp. data from my friends comp. but when i inserted my pendrive in his comp. its recognise pen drive but in My Computer its not shoing any iconm for this (normally it displays removable hard drive.) he is using windows XP pro...
  20. n2casey

    Urgent-How to Flash a MP3 Player

    I have a MP3 player & it's not working. It doesn't start on battery. When I connected it with my computer, its screen flashes once & then a message appears Starting.... System detects it as a new hardware but was unable to install, so no removable drives shown for it. Now I want the solution to...
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