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the new religion of wearin headfones & you are the follower (funny & serious)

do u always wear ur headfones and stick to fm/music all day long??

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~Bulletproof Monk~
a new religion is stingin the population
and a new generation is on the loose

jus tell me how many times u saw ppl wearin headfones and tunin in to fm,from the shoe polisher on the platform to the 1st class traveller everyone wears, many a times i see road accidents due to the fm listenin people concentrate on music rather than road block,even the people who cannot afford a radio fone go 4 a 50 buck radio the main motive is to show the headfones,i really mean it,many chaps just wear the headfones and radio is on but they are somewhere else.

many clever dudes jus buy a local handsfree and tuck the other end in their pocket to signify they own A RADIOWALLA FONE.its too cheap

so next time u see a dude wearin them think about this,well u can even see a gal wearin them.
i beleive its foolish to hear the radio allllll day long, but afterall its ur choice,ur fone,and ur ears.

i strictly dont follow this religion do u??????


Hey here is the aks
hey its true...i have also seen many....

one day i was in bus and saw a girl wearing pc headphones ..i remember she had a sony ericsson phone..

think how it looks if u wear big size heaadphones while travelling rather than ur phone default earphones/



Yeah even i have a jerk in my college who wears pc headset with his discman that has a 6 inch boom microphone sticking out of its left speaker!:shock: And he's always around just when i need a good laugh!:D
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~Bulletproof Monk~
well good response guys,many accdinents ocur due 2 this,well jus hav a laugh wen u see a guy wearin a 50 buck radio,juz 2 show off the radio listenin skils ane folow the religion


Well I use them while travelling in bus or Delhi metro, if i am not sleeping thatis and certainly not while driving. (Tho regarding the second choice I disagree i do use them but I also use the fone responsibly. Just using head sets does not make me irresponsible user of the fone.)


i wear them occasionally,

yesterday an old lady at the (Mylapore-Chennai) Bus-stand warned me (pretty seriously) that I will become deaf by using the head phones all day, and said something else as well in Tamil (i could not understand that), then she and her companion had a long discussion how today's generation has got degraded et al (well that i what I assumed from their gestures coz they referred to me in the public condemnation of having headphones in the ears)


Mr. S Nova
i use them very rarely...

However, once i saw a chaiwalla kid wearing a headset with an antenna poppin out from right (i guess its one those 50-60 bucks headset with radio builtin).i was amazed to see how tht kid was jumpin up n down and showin off his headset while servin chai...


~Bulletproof Monk~
huh even i hav seen ppl in a 2nd class compartment deeply involved in music and when u know its a 50$ radio u cant stop laufin man,i can recognize the fone by its sight so the headfones also cant escape,there is a lotta diffrence between that 50$ handsfree and 5000$ handsfree so even i laugh many a times.
i have evn seen people wearin the headfones juz because the youngsters are wearin them.i remember a 60 year old unkal wearin the headfones and all people between 25-40 wear headfones juz for the sake of showing off.
instead its better to save the battery and ultimately save nations power coz drop by drop u fill the pot
i wear mine whole day.........for music , gaming n everything.
and when am not wearing my headphones.................i wear my earphones.
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