1. topgear

    [Views] Zotac Supertron RMA

    So I've this GT 620 on one of my old rig. The card was malfunctioning. The standard warranty period of the card was over but I've registered the card for extended warranty long before. Still to be sure sent an e-mail to They have asked for extended warranty registration...
  2. S

    All about voting India - Election 2014 - Do you Bother ?

    Do you really want to change the govt and want revolution in INDIA? Ans is vote !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [ OR Face UPA -3 (APOCALYPSE) ] LIFT up YOUR A$$ RIGHT NOW and ask/search nearby Municipal office or collectorate office to make a Voter Id CARD and add your name in voter-list of...
  3. patkim

    Fee for i store registration??

    I was wondering if there is any fee for registering with apple itune store? Registration requires you to enter credit card and billing details, though it also mentions that the card will be debited only when you make a purchase. To my surprise just after entering these details, I got SMS alert...

    Help in sending email via c#( web app)

    hai, i have created a registration form in visual studio for a website. im not allowed to use a database,what i need is to the get registration details to be delivered to an email id. i have seen simple codes including to address,from and subject. but i dont know how to sent the whole...
  5. iinfi

    transfer vehicle from one state to other - suggestion needed

    hi all ... i need some help here... i want to bring my bike which is registered in Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra) to Bangalore for my use... its registered in my name.. do i need to change the registration from MH to KA? or can i ride it here with MH registration by paying just the road tax...
  6. Tejas.Gupta

    Free Domain !

    Free Website Registration Only For Reliance netconnect Users :P :!: Reliance Netconnect::Free Website Registration Free- *10 Business Emails *15 page Website with Hosting *Free .IN Domain Name Make sure U Reply here :P
  7. D

    [IMP] Domain Name Grabbing

    I got the below email today. Is this real or fake. Should I be concerned about this. Please guide me through this. I probably think this fake, but just to be sure..
  8. A

    Cyber Arena 2011

    Spring Fest 2011 and Kharagpur Cyber League (KCL) presents the largest gaming event in the history of IIT Kharagpur : CYBER ARENA 2011 With "Alienware" presenting the event in association with "Xtreme Gaming", fulfill your desires to get your hands on the Alienware Machine you always dreamt of...
  9. Revolution

    How Safe ???

    I went to for registration but they want my phone no. Do u think it is safe ?
  10. P

    cheap web hosting

    what is the cheapest and best company (website) for domain registration and web hosting thanks ........PIKACHU

    E63 PROBLEM !!!

    hi guys am having some problem with my E63..... i downloaded some themes through some mobile site but when i tried to install it ...its giving me an error messge " Registration Failure" of the themes .... i downloaded the themes that were specifically uploaded for E63. help me out of this...
  12. A

    need cheapest domain registar

    i want to buy a domain(.in). the least possible price i found was rs:540 for .in domain registration. can i get it little more cheaper than this? plz give links if there are any.
  13. R

    Need suggestion for cheap domain registration.

    Hello, To build a school website, i want to use Wordpress. I need your suggestion about where i could find cheap domain registration. Also could anyone please point me to where i can get free and reliable hosting where i can run Wordpress and cpanel?
  14. B

    Registration fee for hosting .net site..?

    Hi, I am planning to host a website designed in ASP.Net 2.0. How much will be the registration charge that I need to pay to microsoft.?
  15. Pragadheesh

    problem with ms access connectivity in c#

    hi, i developed a window application(a aregistration form) and tried to store the details in a database. i used ms access. here is the method for the "submit" button that would store the details in the database. my database name is Registration and table name is Registration private void...
  16. R

    How to Obtain High Security Registration licence Plates?

    any idea guys?
  17. L

    wants to run an online memebership website(subscription site)

    Hi there! guys, i'm interested in running a paid members' site(subscription site). i looked everywhere on the web, but didn't found any info on a the legal formalities which i'm supposed to meet. eg.; registration, and other formalities, and where and how, how much does it cost for the...
  18. R

    about registration keys

    hey i m little rookie about computers & softwares. so how can i get registration keys for softwares i download ? i mean is there any common site or software for it? heelp !!!!
  19. ╬Switch╬

    .in VS

    Whats the difference between .in and domains? Most websites offer .in registration . So are these same?? Cause and both seem to be same. Thanks.
  20. gauravsuneja

    how to use google adsense and make money on net

    how to use google adsense and make money on net.kindly give in detail if possible with screenies. is it really possible with reading some e-book i don't want to pay money in advance like money earning sites want for registration
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