1. K

    Internal Antenna V/S External Antenna in a Router ?

    Hi Guys, I just wanted to understand is having a Internal Antenna in a Router considered better or having External Antenna more better ? Does having External Antenna give better speeds or something beacuse you can redirect in the position where you think the signal is weaker ? Thanks...
  2. mohityadavx

    Facebook page redirect to welcome

    Well I have made a page here and whenever anyone search it the wall tab opens but what i want is that whenever someone search this page the welcome tab opens which is here. Please tell me how to do so?
  3. mohityadavx

    Redirect local web page

    Hi! I want to redirect a certain site lets say "" to a webpage created by me on my pc. Whenever someone tries to open "" the browser should open that webpage created by me. Please suggest a method to do so.:-o
  4. H

    How to redirect webpage in my pc?

    Hello friends, i am new to forums and it my first post. i am a Btech student and recently my results came,i got 5 arrears. so i used following javascript commands to edit the result. javascript:document.body.contentEditable%20=%20'true';%20document.designMode='on';%20void%200 after...
  5. T

    redirect wordpress page

    Hi is there any way to redirect one wordpress page to another wordpress page which is in the same folder?
  6. C

    how to redirect 404 error page on my websit

    If want redirect 404 error page to my home page how can do it Is their any javascript or html code for which can be placed on page.
  7. mak1012

    safyway adware

    hey guys... In my internet explorer i get on address bar. how should i remove this..i tryed CCcleaner Ad ware and also AVG spyware removal. but its still there.. because of this whenever i search any think in google...and i click on any link searched by google it...
  8. iinfi

    domain registered .... issues...

    i have registered a domain for myself .. thru rediff ... say now i used google apps (basic edition) for creating a mail ID for myself with the domain ... this mail ID works fine ... and i m even able to redirect the page to the google apps page .... but...
  9. naveen_reloaded

    Does seperate domain name help?

    hi to all i am running a forum namely as u can see .. i have been using the free to redirect to my forum which is in if i go for say a new domain with .com or .net or .us...something like that..will it increase the traffic to my site... i tried a lot...
  10. nileshgr

    {Tutorial} Redirect your visitors without using JavaScript!

    There are many webmasters here. Many visitors have old browsers which do NOT support JS. So here is an method which will redirect your website\\\'s visitors without any JS. This uses PHP. Server Requirement: PHP interpreter <?php header(\\\"Location:\"); ?>...
  11. B

    Blogger To Wordpress

    I want to shift from blogger to wordpress....imprting of posts is not a problem... but how do i redirect people from my blogger blog to my wordpress blog?
  12. D

    HL2 ending

    How does HL2 end? Please provide me your honourable information or redirect me if this question is repeated.
  13. mediator

    What is redirect server??

    I want to know what redirect server is actually is! And how can one redirect from "" to say "" ?
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