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  1. L

    Skull Candy 50/50 Black Red Earphones

    Model:Skull Candy 50/50 Black Red Purchase date: 09/11/2010(yes it is just a day old) Extra Accessories: Extra Buds Selling price:2.2K Reason for sale:Lost my ipod touch . Location: NCR Shipping: charges extra. Pics
  2. NewsBytes

    Fedora 13

    Fedora is one of the most well known and used distributions, and has maintained that mantle for long. It comes from the line of an even better known distribution Red Hat Linux (new Red Hat Enterprise Linux). While Red Hat is now a distribution targeted towards enterprises, and comes...
  3. T

    red line appearing on laptop screen

    i have a dell studio 1555 laptop which is 13 months old and is out of warranty.last night as i was surfing the net a red vertical line appeared on the left side of the screen and it refuses to go away.i have tried restarting and have updated display drivers but it is still there.what might be...
  4. prabhu.wali

    beep beep

    hi, i got a new intel dg41rq board,the prob is on switching on my pc i get a short beep n after 8 secs another one n also red led keps flickering now n then please help:cry:
  5. NewsBytes

    Red Dead Redemption- New trailer and release date

          Rockstar Games has released a new trailer for Red Dead Redemption and confirmed that the game will be released on PS3 and Xbox 360 in April next year.   Red Dead Redemption is a follow up to one of their lesser known game franchise due to the overshadowing popularity of Grand Theft Auto...
  6. pr.itdude

    The Red Hat thread...........

    I am asking some problems with RHEL5......, if anyone else have some kind of problems regarding this distro, post ur queries here......... Some im facing now are: 1. How to mount the windows "ntfs" partition in RH, in both read/write mode ?? Why does red hat do not support ntfs ? I tried it...
  7. A

    System hangs all of a sudden

    Last few days, suddenly my system become hangs, no key/mouese will work. not even ctrl+alt+del.. I have to press the reset button only. My HDD is new 2 months before i purchased (seagate 400 gb) so no chance to issue in disk., and even i format the disk and reinstall xp proff again. whether...
  8. Phantom Lancer

    Which Linux Distro do you use ?

    The Thread title says it all :). So which distro(s) do you use or have used ?? I am using Primary : KUbuntu 8.10 Secondary : None Have used in the past Fedora 9 Red Hat 9
  9. RCuber

    Conditions in CSS

    Hi guys, I need some help in CSS. I have a table in which the row values are something like this ------------------ |YES|NO| |NO|NO| |NO|YES| ---------------- I want to make the forecolor for "YES" as green and "NO" as red. how can this be achived in CSS. if there any if else...
  10. damngoodman999

    LCD monitor "appearence of red & blue dots"

    I am using Benq T2200HD monitor for a last couple of week s , the monitor is really the gr8 one , but last night onwards immediately a red dot on the middle of the screen had appeared . i heard that the dots cannot be fixed , is that true ??? i asked my dealer about it , he told more than 7...
  11. abhijit_reddevil

    Left turn on red, is it legal in India?

    Hi friends, Today I was faced with a peculiar situation. I was at a traffic signal at the leftmost lane as I was supposed to turn left at the intersection. I had the left turn indicator of my car on. 4-5 vehicles were behind me. The traffic light was at red. To my surprise, I heard the drivers...
  12. V

    Chinese internet cafes to install Linux(RFL) or Genuine Windows!

    Linux stand for freedom!! but don't tell this to the Chinese!! now a day more Chinese local governments are using Red Flag linux(RedHat of Chinese??)Not only this, They have issued order for Stop using the pirated softwares(Windows??) and only use Linux Geniune Advantage ... Read the full...
  13. R

    Red Line in monitor

    hi all, for last 10months there appears a red line in the monitor left half. Please suggest what can be done to resolve it.
  14. M

    high CPU utilisation prob

    hi... Whenever I start a new program CPU utilization increases to above 90%.Also it gets continuously remain above 10 % with red lines at the bottom of the graph. Help me what to do!!!!
  15. 4T7

    Red Alert 3 not coming to PS3

    EA announced they've currently got no plans to release a PS3 version of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. Apparently, the console is "very exotic and tough to develop for," and their game engine is simply not suited for PS3. The game was initially announced for release on PC, 360 and PS3...
  16. cooldude666666

    Red line appearing in laptop display

    i have an acer aspire 5920 which i purchased in end april. Since last one month a red line appears on the right side of the monitor. This line is more prominent when the screen displays dark colours and most prominent when it displays black colour. What can be the problem? Any cure?
  17. S

    My computer, My Documents & MY PROBLEMS!!

    PC Specs: Motherboard: ASUS P5GZMX Hard Disk: 300GB Segate Barracuda Intel Pentium D 3.0 GHz RAM: 1GB DDR2 @667 I m having problems on installing or even running a Live CD Linux Distributions(:mad:) like Ubuntu, red hat...... It shows some errors and the process gets terminated eventually. Do...
  18. ssk_the_gr8

    cpu fan keeps running after pc is shut down

    it has been happenin for the past few days.. after i shut down my pc.the fans in my cpu keeep running.. i opened the cabinet & checked.. the red H.D.D light keeps flickering .. & i cant switch on my pc again.. even if i switch of my UPS & switch it on again.. the fans inside start up again &...
  19. S

    Digital Playground starts shooting adult movies in 12 megapixels

    Source That's what is called .... Porn in Super HD :D
  20. entrana

    how to configure bsnl nokia siemens c2110

    any ideas also link is flashing yellow, pc/usb green , power red
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