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  1. TechnoHolic

    Help on C

    Someone please rectify this project. Problem: On member list. Please Help...:cry:
  2. rijinpk1

    is there any chances that my hard disk fail?

    here i am attaching screen shot of my hard disk.It shows caution has to be taken. 1:Can I rectify the errors? 2:If yes, how? 3:Is the problem any serious? help me
  3. M

    Help!!!!!! How to rectify this My BB SQL error......

    I am getting a SQL Error on My BB please tell me how to rectify this error please tell me..... http://www.flickr.com/photos/29574337@N08/2758871767/
  4. iMav

    win32:polip repair tool

    is there any specific tool that can rectify the damage caused by this virus ... does avast have the ability to rectify it???
  5. iMav

    Wierd Internet Problem

    for the past few days iv been facing this wierd problem my isp is sify: now the problem is that after i shut down pc for a few hours and then turn it on again and try to connect to the net the dialler logs in but no page is displayed in any browser now im usually in vista now to rectify this...
  6. morpheusv6

    Disable hibernation

    I am having XP Pro. I need to disable hibernation as I am not using it. But everytime I disable it, it enables itself back on during the next reboot. How do I rectify this?
  7. caje143

    *.sis Applications Not Working

    HI All, well i have a Nokia N73 ME... i have certain Antivirus programs with me but all in sis extension... when i go to install them it says that *.sis installation not supported... can u'll help me as to what is the problem and how can i rectify it??? and if possible give me some...
  8. M

    dataone timed out operation

    hello.. ive bsnl dataone broadband connection on to my pc.when im logging into related website for checking my account usage....im able to log in..but getting a problem there....that operation is timed out... could u plz help me to rectify this...
  9. rajat22

    Video upside down?!!!

    After downloading a movie from net I found it is running Upside down. Any way to rectify it?
  10. Maverick340

    Virtual Dub Problem

    How do i rectify this problem??
  11. T

    APC Back-ups problem

    The problem is APC Back-UPS RS BR1000 (1kva) is giving problem. The software installed Power Chute Personal edition 1.5 is showing Batter Capacity as 100% and Estimated Battery Time as 3% only. This a new UPS just one month old. Please tell me how to rectify this problem.
  12. H

    my pc is windows xp 2002, 2.4 ghz, 256mb, 845gv,

    from few days it is giving me problem, it is hanging so often. tell me a way to rectify the problem.
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