Thread for Digitians from Chennai

I saw a thread for Bangalore and another for Delhi , so thought why not for Chennai? All TDF members from Chennai , please come an join.

Edit: mods please change title name to thread for digitians from Chennai. Thanks!!

Just to keep a record of members, please fill up the form below. Thanks!


Below is a list of members.

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^^ add it to your siggy if you want more digitians reporting, it helps.

P. S. i'm not from chennai.
is there any thread for kolkata ??


I am from chennai, but now i stay at Nagpur..

change the thread title to : Room Pottu Yosipor Sangam.. :p

Joke for those who understand tamil :D

Thondai kara kara nu irunda Enna Pannanum ?

Theryala ?

"Surf Excel" podunga.
Inda kara
Anda kara
Enda karaya irundalum poidum...

ok ok..don't hate me..last one :

In 1994 one vada Rs.1 one STD call Rs.4
Today one vada Rs.4 one STD call Rs.1

Aaga mothathula vada pochche....

as vivek says : essssscccaaaaaapppppeee !!!! :p :D
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