1. Paavni Sethi

    Has anyone used movie recommender?

    I've been using it for a while now and it seems to work well for me, although it's not very developed and needs a lot of work on the AI, it does suggest some good flicks as I keep rating more movies. Has anyone else used it? Also, any better A.I. movie recommenders?
  2. vanpr7

    Best 120/128 Gb SSD

    As the title says I was looking for a good SSD to add to my rig to increase the performance a little and because of money restrictions I think 120/128e GB should be enough to install the OS and the applications. Plan on keeping all the data and games on my HDD. Had zeroed in on Samsung EVO...
  3. A

    Replacing laptop HD with an SSD : Need recommendation's

    The title says it all, I could do the research myself but I am too lazy :). Any-ways I need an SSD for my laptop to replace my 2.5 inch HD.I am probably going to buy an SATA to USB cable and use the HD like an external HD. Now, what capacity SSD would a good buy ?, also how much do these...
  4. A

    Storage portable hard disk

    which one should i buy- i mean i see hardly any difference between a 500 GB and a 1 TB in cost.whats your recommendations
  5. D

    Laptop around 40k for development

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 40k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook? Android development and programming. 5) Any typical configuration in your...
  6. A

    Laptop buying guide!

    Want to buy new laptop my favorite brand is hp! I am looking for simple product which come with 2GB Ram, i3 or i5 processors and 500gb hard disks! The final thing is budget, it is 3ok. So many recommendations are for acer laptops but hp is good brand as per my prospective. Please give me...
  7. Terabyte

    Need a GPU under 14k

    My System specs : Phenom II X4 955BE 4GB DDR3 RAM Corsair VX450W Resolution : 1600x900 Budget under 14k I have been looking for a HD7850 preferably The cheapest I find on FK is the Gigabyte one. Gigabyte AMD/ATI GV-R7850OC-2GD 2 GB GDDR5 Any other recommendations? And any place...
  8. Cool Buddy

    SAP/ERP training in Kolkata

    A friend wants to do SAP/ERP course in Kolkata and wants recommendations for good institutes. Any suggestions?
  9. C

    Phone for around 20k

    I'm looking for a phone for my sister for around 20k. Right now, I feel my best option is Samsung Galaxy R. She doesn't have any particular necessities, so just the best phone for around 20k is what I'm looking for. Any recommendations?
  10. RaptorX

    Digicam Recommendations (less than 12k)

    Hi, I'll be taking my vacation in September and will be traveling to multiple places. I currently don't own a digicam. Not sure about the best models in the market. This camera will be my goto party and travel camera. Everything from family photos to outdoor landscape pictures will be...
  11. aryayush

    Recommendations for 720p science and nature documentaries

    Hey, guys. Although I am sure there are hundreds of them out there, they are ridiculously difficult to find. Can you guys recommend some great science and nature documentaries (preferably in high definition)? The ones I have so far are: Arctic Tale Crash Science: Airplanes Deep Blue...
  12. K

    Best Home Printer?

    Which is the best home printer available in the market? I am looking for a lazer printer with color scanning, mono printing with photocopying option. Any recommendations? Is there anything in HP / Samsung? Thanks, Robert
  13. cute.bandar

    silent and power effecient gpu within 3k

    Looking to buy a gpu for around 3k . But I am obsessed about having a quiet PC . So my gpu must be a quiet and low power consuming gpu . recommendations?
  14. T

    Assembling a new PC for 80k, Need hardware suggestions!

    I'm assembling a new PC for gfx designing and gaming. Budget is 80k. I'm looking for Core i7 rig with HD5850 gfx card. will be buying the rig from mumbai. Hardware Component: Monitor LCD/LED: 24'in Dell/Benq Processor: Core i7 920 D0 Motherboard: Gigabyte (X58A-UD5/UD7) or Any other...
  15. Liverpool_fan

    Recommendations for Domain Registrar

    Hi there Can you guys recommend me a good domain registrar with which I can change advanced entries manually like CNAME, etc. The thing is I want to point the main subdomain one place, another subdomain to DynDNS and another to perhaps an FTP host. Those hosting packages + domains is not an...
  16. BSOD

    32'' LCD, 35K

    I am planning on buying a LCD which is atleast 32'' and comes for less than 35K. Any recommendations? I'm currently looking at Samsung, Sony and Panasonic.
  17. aytus

    Buying a new Motherboard

    New Motherboard for overclockin on budget hi guys., need recommendations in buying a new motherboard, .. budget catagory ,, thinking about coupling it with E5200 and probably a 8600GT or 9600GT. was looking in 3000-3500 rupees range. have looked at Gigabytes P31 mobo GA-P31-ES3G .. he quoted...
  18. C

    Sub 4K soundcard

    Could any one help me out in deciding a sub 4K sound card? Any recommendations?
  19. S

    Wifi Router for PC that would work with Macbook Pro

    I don't have much knowledge of networking n stuff, just connected my Macbook Pro to my PC through Ethernet few times. Now, I am looking for a Wifi Router for my PC so that I can access files and internet through my Macbook Pro. I would like some recommendations for a suitable Wifi Router...
  20. Ihatemyself

    Book recommendations for DCE

    Hey guys..After advice abt org. chem notes..I want to know something more.. I want recommendations 4 all subjects (maths,chem,phy) 4 dce..I want very less material with maximum knowledge possible (so that i can make it thru dce)..I Know many IITians and dce students and othr engnr. students...r...
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