1. A

    Which platform to play recent games

    I just bought a PS4, and now I am confused which platform should I be playing some of the recent titles that I am yet to try out, including AC:Unity (no hate plz :P ) , Shadow of Mordor and FC:4. Main points of concern are Graphics, performance(FPS) and price My PC Specs : Core i5-2500k...
  2. sam9s

    Two HD 5850 on sale

    Friends, I am putting my HD5850 on sale I have 2 pieces, in crossfire. One was bought from one of out TDF member in 2011, The other was originally purchased by me in 2009. Both cards are installed in my system which is packed now, so cannot put an recent image, but I can share the thread when...
  3. P

    Gaming Laptop at 45k

    I am looking for a decent gaming laptop,and my budget is 45k Max. It should run Most recent games smoothly... Thank you in advance..
  4. R

    CPU -Mobo compatibilty issue

    AMD 3.5 GHz AM3 Phenom II 970 Processor with ASUS M5A88-M Motherboard. Are they compatible? Cause its written that the motherboard is AM+ socket and the CPU is AM socket. Also with a 4 GB RAM can I play most of the recent games?
  5. bijay_ps

    [SOLVED] windows 7's Recent Places problem

    here I have uploaded the screen shot of my desktop. As you can see the "Recent Places" directory is showing on desktop and there is no option for removing it also. So can anyone please tell me how to remove it from my desktop?? (Any other way then system restore).
  6. socrates

    Major security issue discovered in latest HTC Android devices

    A major security vulnerability has been discovered in recent HTC Android phones that would make the recent location tracking issue in iOS seem trivial in comparison. * :shock:

    A New Grapgic Card for my Gear

    A New Graphic Card for my Gear Hi guys , I want a new graphic card but there is little confusion in my mind that did i wait for 7 series or go for the recent graphic cards.please acknowledge me. my budget for gpu is 12k . your suggestions are very...
  8. S

    suggestion for mobo

    hey guys...please suggest me all z68 mobos(within 13k) for sandybridge processors and their latest prices in kolkata and also the recent price of i5 2500k here.
  9. anagh.k1


    i copied a game from my friends computer into mine.but when i try to patch into a more recent version the patch does not recognise it as installed. any help????
  10. Ronnie11

    Logitech x506 vs Logitech z506???

    Hey guys.i am a little confused as to which one to pick since they are priced quite closely,i heard the z model is the recent one...can anyone here help me pick up a speaker whichever is the best option..need to buy by tomorrow...
  11. D

    Prob Installing CARBON,FIFA08

    The setup says your direct x is old you need to update.I had made an update with recent months directX but still the problem arises.?? how can i bypass it..
  12. spironox

    JOIN My Separate State Campaign (lighter side)

    Hi From the time of the dinosaur of 86 processors the non geeks and the ignorant have ruled our world .. we the lovers of 0 & 1's are always left in cubicles where we are either punch bags or taking mails . its high time and now we revolt against the injustice. Also Owing to the recent...
  13. TheLetterD

    BIIIIIG Virus prob with Win7

    :sad::idea::shock::shock:aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Hi.... I recently installed Win7 ultimate on my pc. 1.A large no of files in system32 folder are infected by viruses:"win32/tantoes.j & win32/heur" last time i deleted them vista crashed <DUHH!!!>And never started again<R.I.P...
  14. K


    Hi Guys, I want to buy a mouse of good quality and my budget is 300 to 450. Can you recommend me a one? Any recent reviews on mouse?Link?
  15. vaibhav_jain

    Need some advice on GFX card

    i am going to buy a gfx card from a forum. A seller is sailing his ATI 4850 palit 512MB for 5K it is 1.5 years old. Can you tell me if his price quote is ok or not. Don`t know the recent prices just because i am asking here.
  16. shri

    Even John McCain had got the shoe...!

    It just flashed to me when I was viewing the presidential result map pf the recent US election. It hasn't been a good year for the republicans... :D
  17. 4T7

    XFX drops Nvidia exclusivity, becomes an AMD partner

    There’s been a lot of talk of Nvidia partner defections and reshuffles in recent months, following the low market performance of their graphics cards compared to a reinvigorated Radeon lineup. Earlier this year it was Gainward, and now another Nvidia exclusive video card partner has announced it...
  18. R to go about it?

    A dear friend (non techie)who runs an NGO called up asking advise for making a blog so they can reach out people on the web. I myself dont know much about blogging except that i read a lot of them & they are of 2 kinds one that you install on ur own server &the other are free hosted on public...
  19. R

    VisTa : Recent Items : Removal

    i have recently upgraded to Windows Vista. i have trouble removing the "Recent Items" in the start menu. i have to clear it before shutting down ever time. Is there ne way to disable it?
  20. blackpearl

    How to display more than 5 recent posts in blogger

    How to display more than 5 recent posts in blogger Blogger, for some unknown reason, restricts the number of recent posts that can be displayed on your blog to just five. Obviously, we aren't happy with that restriction. So I'm going to show you how to display more than five recent posts in...
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