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  1. shyamno

    Prices for AMD Barcelona

  2. morpheusv6

    A Sneak Peek at the Laptops of 2008

    source: http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,132495-pg,1/article.html A Sneak Peek at the Laptops of 2008 At Intel's recent Developer Forum conference in Beijing, quad-core processing to go was at the top of the list for the laptops of the future. What will they put in notebook PCs next...
  3. morpheusv6

    AMD set to Launch 'Phenom' Desktop Chip

    The chip will reach stores in the second half of 2007 and share similar architecture with the "Barcelona" quad-core Opteron server chip AMD is planning to launch in the middle of 2007. AMD surged into the market with its original Opteron server chip in 2003, but the company began to slip...
  4. gxsaurav

    Tyan launches the personal Supercomputer

    Found at dailytech Tyan, a name known to mostly those who are into workstation hardware cos Tyan is one of the best Workstation motherboard manufacturer for X86 platform, has relesed there latest TyanPSC T-650 series Personal Supercomputer. The way it is made is littrally a supercomputer...
  5. Ankur Gupta

    Dual Quad-Core Mac Pro Around the Corner

    Apple UK Store leaks out early details of the eight-core Mac Pro Apple is preparing a dual quad-core Mac Pro according to an accidental listing on the Apple UK Store website. The listing, which Apple promptly found and removed, revealed the quad-core Mac Pro in search results when users...
  6. techtronic

    AMD puts Barcelona quad-core into the spotlight at ISSCC

    AMD unwrapped a few more details about its upcoming quad-core server and workstation processor "Barcelona" at the International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC). While the announcements focus on the power efficiency of the processor, the company tells conference attendees that it is...
  7. Ankur Gupta

    Barcelona to outperform Clovertown by 40% :AMD

    AMD has high hopes for its upcoming native quad-core design When it comes to quad-core processors for the desktop and server arenas, Intel has pretty much had the market to itself since November 2006 (if you don't count AMD's Quad FX platform). Intel's quad-core processors were officially...
  8. N

    Quad-Core Processors: Coming Soon from Intel

    Source: http://techzone.izine.in/articles/Quad-Core-Processors-Coming-Soon-from-Intel%20.asp Just when you thought Dual Core was all the rage -- leading chip producer, Intel Corporation, has recently launched a new series of chips that boasts four computing engines inside a single...
  9. qudra

    It is now the time of the quad-core and you better believe it.

    Since the release of Intel’s Conroe micro-architecture, the company has been making waves, massive waves. In terms of performance, Intel washed away main competitor AMD, and they have continued to do so during the past three months with the success of their Core 2 Duo and Extreme processor...
  10. hemant_mathur

    AMD takes wraps off of quad-core design!!!

    AMD shows off their "Barcelona" quad-core chip designs Source : http://www.engadget.com/2006/10/11/amd-shows-off-their-barcelona-quad-core-chip-designs/ If you're not super excited by technical chip jargon like "advanced branch prediction" and "sideband stack optimizer," you might want to...
  11. R

    Intel Launching Quad-Core in November

    Intel's CEO, Paul Ravioli Cacciatore Otellini said their quad-core CPUs are coming in November. These chips are made for servers and Xtreme gaming rigs, and will be priced accordingly. Versions of the CPU for mainstream desktops will arrive early 2007. The four cores are useful for...
  12. crookbond

    Earlier launch of Intel quad-core CPU

    Intel will introduce its quad-core desktop processor series, codenamed "Kentsfield," in the fourth quarter of 2006, instead of the first quarter of 2007 as originally scheduled, Taiwan motherboard makers noted. The unit price of the quad-core Kentsfield CPU will be US$999, in 1000-unit tray...
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