Earlier launch of Intel quad-core CPU

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Intel will introduce its quad-core desktop processor series, codenamed "Kentsfield," in the fourth quarter of 2006, instead of the first quarter of 2007 as originally scheduled, Taiwan motherboard makers noted. The unit price of the quad-core Kentsfield CPU will be US$999, in 1000-unit tray quantities, indicated the makers.

By launching the 65nm quad-core processors ahead of scedule, Intel is attempting to secure a leading position in the high-end gaming market, to counter AMD's fourth quarter introduction of the Socket-AM2 Athlon 64 FX-64 series of processors, which support a core speed of 3GHz and 2x1MB L2 cache memory, according to the makers. Intel's Socket-775 quad-core Kentsfield, which will be included in the Core 2 Extreme CPU family, has a core speed of 2.66GHz, a built-in 2x4MB L2 cache and supports a 1066MHz front-side bus (FSB), said the makers.

Source :- http://www.digitimes.com/mobos/a20060817PB201.html


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Sounds good, so by Jan-Mar 07 they must go a bit mainstream and then I can hope to upgrade.. or am I just stretching this a bit too easy ? :D


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It'll start off at $999, but prices will come down steadily as rumors of the octocore cpu emerge more rapidly. But by then, we'll be drooling about that one won't we?


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from intel 4004 to quad core!!
some times its diificult to catch up with the speed of tech progress

U bet Dare Devil, one day will come when you walk out of a shop with a bran new PC , till the time u reach home it will become outdated


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QwertyManiac said:
Sounds good, so by Jan-Mar 07 they must go a bit mainstream and then I can hope to upgrade.. or am I just stretching this a bit too easy ? :D
unless you were born with a "platinum spoon" you arent strecthing too far :p
999$ do they give us a Processor Loan with the proccy :p


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hiee guys...gud to join digit...im new...

i guess u guys shud read below...the link is too small land not worthy to be given...

Intel's quad-core processor will arrive in the fourth quarter of this year but some members of the XtremeSystems forum already got their hands on a sample and overclocked it to 4.8GHz.

The processor did need just under 1.9V of juice along with a healthy supply of liquid nitrogen to get to that speed, and it stayed within a fairly chilly range of -170°C to -180°C (-274°F to -292°F.)

Stoolman's overclock was stable enough to run some benchmarks, including Cinebench 2003, which produced a single-threaded score of 556 and a multithreaded score of 2034. That's higher than what we obtained with our dual-3.0GHz "Woodcrest" Xeon workstation, although not as impressive as one might expect from a 4.8GHz quad-core chip. In 3DMark 2006, Stoolman's system hit 11,821 3DMarks with the help of a GeForce 7950 GX2 graphics card. Liquid nitrogen does skew the odds a little, so we'll have to see how Kentsfield overclocks with good old-fashioned air cooling.

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