Intel Launching Quad-Core in November

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Intel's CEO, Paul Ravioli Cacciatore Otellini said their quad-core CPUs are coming in November. These chips are made for servers and Xtreme gaming rigs, and will be priced accordingly. Versions of the CPU for mainstream desktops will arrive early 2007.

"The initial desktop version of quad-core will be introduced as an Extreme version," Otellini said. "In Q1 of next year, we'll bring it into the mainstream under the name of Core 2 Quad."

The four cores are useful for multi-tasking, which is great for bloggers cause we have tens of apps open at once. If only we got paid enough to afford one.

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It will be two C2D just joined togerther
@g_suresh_mps ya it will be a 775 one. However few boards may require a BIOS update


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Well I was planning to go for this but then, Yorkfield's releasing its 12 MB fat level 2 tummy in Q3. This absolutely sucks


AMD Launching true quad-core IN 2007

In 2007 AMD will introduce a true quad-core design with four cores say
Randy Allen, corporate vice president of AMD's server and workstation division

so don't think intel is best


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Core 2 Core 2 Quad.........When is AMD going to strike back??

well u wud have to wait till 2Q 2007 when amd releases the native quad core code named "barcelona" or more commonly called a K8L....


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Now, AMD will strike back at Intel!! Intel was supposed to release 'Core 2 Duo' six
months back!! They didn't & they paid the price. Where's Intel's 64-bit Processor
for desktop PC??


wow so many things to b released this year specially november, DX 10 gfx cards , PS3 and now quad core CPUs , its gr8 :) :)


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These Quad Core Edns are giving nearly 60-70 % performance improvement over X6800 as previewed by Anandtech and XBitLabs. Thatz gr888 considering that Klentzfield will be priced @ 999 USD same as wat X6800 costs 2day. :)


Dont u guys think Quad Core is gonna be so expensive when its launched that one can safely buy C2D or AMD X2 procs rite?
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