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  1. I

    Introducing Motif Mask – A Puzzle Experience Unlike Others

    Are you clever enough to find the pattern hidden underneath the mask? Motif Mask – recreate patterns by stacking layers above layers of artwork. Stand alone, each pattern is a mesmerizing test of your brain power and creativity. Together, only 60 seconds to spare and the clock ticking down...
  2. Lalit Kishore

    Puzzle games for iPhone

    Please suggest some puzzle games for iPhone 4S.
  3. IronCruz

    Help me solve this puzzle!

    Relate these images to a personality
  4. T

    Chrome Video & Puzzle & The Winner

    See this video. There was a puzzle hidden in it. The prize was a Chrome48 laptop for the first person to solve it. The solved answer is here. Very interesting!
  5. vamsi_krishna

    Opera 11 Alhpa

    Get Opera 11 Alpha.. which has got brand new extension support. Opera web browser | Opera 11 ? Adding another piece of the puzzle.
  6. rhitwick

    BRAID the PUZZLE game

    Guys, anyone playing BRAID? Those who played Portal would surely love it. It has more challenge and fun than Portal. Its 2D but gr8 visuals. Its one hell of a puzzle game. Try it and lets here ur opinion on it.....
  7. tech_cheetah

    Sudokool V 2.0 A must try

    Hi Friends ! After 3 years - finally I updated Sudokool and am launching it as v 2.0. You can find the old thread of Sudokool dating back to 25 Sep 2005 here Main features of this update are : - Puzzle generator added to generate unlimited puzzles - Improved puzzle solver algorithm...
  8. B

    cudnt solve the SC-DA puzzle

    I am playing Splinter cell-double agent but stucked in the cube puzzle in JBA headquarter,where i should place some digits in the cube.Is there any way to solve that thing?i am trying for many days?Is there any particular formula or like that?plz help.
  9. chesss

    Nobody can solve this puzzle

    Open challenge being issued.. anyone who can solve this puzzle, is god! Its a Chess problem. White to move and mate in 2 i.e first white moves then black plays and then white should be able to checkmate on the next move. I tried it for 1/2 hour before giving up and looking at the solution
  10. V

    Another Puzzle

    In this puzzle u have to help 3 cannibals and 3 missionaries to move to the other side of the lake..!!! I have done it succesfully...!!! Find the attatchment..!!!
  11. rahul.ims

    one more puzzle

    hey guys... i know dat for most of u brilliant guys...solving this puzzle is a game of few seconds.....but still its kool to sit and solve...so a little time pass for all....for me also...as i haven't solved this yet.....:D extract the Try.zip file and start playing
  12. rahul.ims


    Most of you must have seen this puzzle...but not all...m posting this as someone sent me this and i really felt it to be pretty kool to solve....:cool: . Same is the thing...i thought of sharing this with you all... Please solve the puzzle and post the time you took to solve the same. You can...
  13. A

    Lesser known facts in C

    Hi! I am Adithya U,17 year old Engineering Student(IT) from Hassan,Karnataka This thread is dedicated to lesser known facts in C EditSet: This will be great useful in strings.You can specify the characters you want to include or exclude in C.This will work with scanf. Read it my site...
  14. H


    Puzzle: http://solvethepuzzle.110mb.com/one.htm try it... m stuck at level 9.. any help??
  15. A

    Solve the given C Puzzle

    Hi! I am Adithya U,17 year old Engineering Student(IT) from Hassan,Karnataka Currently you are witnessing C puzzle 12 First,let me state the rules in this thread: 1.Please do not give suggestions or hints.Specify the modified program only. 2.Before posting the program make sure...
  16. A

    Solve the given puzzle 2

    Puzzle 9 Here is the 9th puzzle There are 9 iron balls.All look alike,but one ball weighs more than the other 8 balls.You have to find that ball. You will be allowed to use weighing scale twice. Note:state your proof along with the answer.If there are multiple solutions ,then the first 3...
  17. A

    Solve the give Puzzle

    find the latest puzzle at http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=68413
  18. C

    Puzzle Games : "Crimson room"

    Hey guys check out this puzzle titled "Crimson Room"...u have to find out 13 items from a room wherein u r locked...Get the 13 items to have urself out of the room.... Best of Luck.... http://www.ebaumsworld.com/2006/07/crimsonroom.html Cheers, Kunal :p
  19. anandk


    Here is a interesting puzzle for u guys. Came across it in some other forum. click http://www.puzzlehacker.com/1.html This is the 1st page of the puzzle. U have to guess the next page of this link. There are total of 75 pages to go thru. Hints are provided for every page. Lets...
  20. S


    hi pls any one help me find the answer in the following puzzle: There are 10 steps. A person is starting from the bottom climbing to the top. A person can climb, at a time, one, two or three steps. In how many ways can he climb the steps and reach the top? bye., saravana.
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