Sudokool V 2.0 A must try

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Hi Friends !
After 3 years - finally I updated Sudokool and am launching it as v 2.0.
You can find the old thread of Sudokool dating back to 25 Sep 2005 here

Main features of this update are :
- Puzzle generator added to generate unlimited puzzles
- Improved puzzle solver algorithm
- 4 difficulty levels : simple, easy, medium and hard
- Hints added : show all the possibilities on the puzzle board
- GUI improvements
- Rating and lowest time recording for custom puzzles also
- Fixed some old bugs

You can download Sudokool V 2.0 here

Java Runtime Environment (jre 1.5 or higher) is required for running sudokool and can be downloaded here

Please give me your valuable feedback and suggestions.

For more details and updates please visit the sudokool site

I will be updating the above download link with the latest package, as and when any issues/bugs are fixed.
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Sudokool V 2.5

Sudokool has been updated to v 2.5 to make gameplay fast and easier.

Updated features are as follows :
1. Play unlimited puzzles in 4 difficulty levels : Simple, Easy, Medium and Hard.
2. Can be controlled with both mouse and keyboard.
3. Statistics like how many puzzles generated/completed, avg timings etc. stored
3. Option to play with Hints : view all the possibilities on the puzzle grid.
3. Option to play with warnings in case of wrong entries.
4. User can input puzzle (from newspapers) directly on the grid. Then puzzle is validated and if solution is unique, it can be played.
5. User can save and load Games.
6. 3 fastest timings in each difficulty level are recorded and updated on each puzzle submission.
7. Game can be paused and resumed during gameplay.
8. Platform independent : Based on Java, Sudokool works flawlessly on all the platforms (personally I have tested on Ubuntu 8.10 and Windows Vista)
9. Puzzle window can be resized and the window is loaded to this size next time automatically.
10. Cool looks to provide the best GUI experience.
11. Last but not the least : It is absolutely FREE !!!

Download the same from
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