1. A

    Water Purifier suggestion

    need new water purifier tap water tds is 68 please suggest
  2. A

    new aquagaurd ro water purifier showing 0 tds

    hi guys, new aquagaurd ro water purifier showing 0 tds whereas tap water showing 72 tds used Buy CPEX Pocket Digital Tds Meter For RO Filter Purifier Water Quality Tester With Free Carry Case Online at Low Prices in India - Amazon.i for tds i m worried as i read online that 0 tds is bad, is...
  3. K

    New Water Purifier

    Hi guys! Please suggest a good Purifier with 8-15L capacity! Please suggest a good purifier
  4. ithehappy

    A water purifier needed urgently

    Suggest me a water purifier guys. We were using some HUL Pure Sh!t unit, which I broke today in pieces so that my parents will be forced to buy a new one. Yet it was not enough torture that it died, piece of ****. Don't wanna go Aqua Guard way as I have zero faith in Eureka Forbes. So what to...
  5. kool

    ►►► [Water RO Purifier] I'm getting Aquafresh Brand for Rs. 5k to 11k. Should i buy or not ?? Help !

    Hi guys, I am using normal Aquaguard Water purifier (e-Boling) from last 8 years. Now i want to buy a Water R.O System for my home. Today i just visited nearest small shop which is selling 3 different brands of purifier : Livpure RO @ Rs.15k, Kent Grand+ @ Rs.15.5k and Aquafesh starting from...
  6. Harsh Pranami

    Which water purifier to buy???

    Please help me out. My max budget is 12-13k. I know nothing about water purifiers. Should I go for UV or RO technology??
  7. C

    Need Water purifier........

    Need 2 Water Purifier for home use since boiling water on gas is no longer affordable. Budget 1St Water Purifier - 15K 2nd Water Purifier - 10K Place - Mumbai (buy from shop)
  8. kool

    ►►► Want to buy water purifier with low maintanenece filter. :-|

    Hi guys, I was using Eureka Forbes Aquaguard i-Nova since 2005 and now it has stopped working and service guys are asking for Rs.2600 for replacement of its kit etc. But now i've decided to buy a new water purifier for my home. :) So guys suggest me and good water purifier. In PATNA there...
  9. R

    Water Purifier

    Hi guys I am gonna buy a Ro +Uv water purifier soon but I am little confused regarding which one to buy. My budget is around 15k so please suggest me which one should I buy? I have selected few. 1. Kent Grant plus 2. Pureit Marvella 3. Livpure Touch With Regards
  10. bajaj151

    Urgent : Water Purifier for Home

    Please suggest water purifier for home Budget : 12-15k
  11. soyab0007

    Water Purifier and Microwave oven

    Want to buy Water Purifier and Microwave oven for home budget for Water Purifier Rs 1500 And Microwave oven Rs 5000 please suggest some good VFM products, also if possible provide deals with coupons available
  12. bajaj151

    Water Purifier for 2 Students

    Please suggest water purifier for 2 students in Delhi.. Budget : Cheapest Possible but water should be perfectly purified..
  13. Y

    water purifier within 10k

    hey guys..need water purifier...have no idea about this..so plz help.. budget is 10k max.. and drinking water is not hard..so i dont think RO based will be required..
  14. Faun

    Water purifier/filter suggestion

    I am considering of getting a water purifier. Budget is 10k. I just want to have a say of people before I decide to get one. Also continued water supply to the water purifier is a NO for me. Thanks.
  15. din

    Please suggest a good water purifier

    Please suggest a water purifier which works great, reliable and not very costly - for home use. Checked some, Philips, Aquaguard etc, but confused a lil. Any suggestions / comments / recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Also please mention the price range if you already use any...
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