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  1. N

    Buying Surge Protector

    Hi, I am getting "Belkin Surge Protector Superior Series 6 Way" Costing 1450 Rs/- for my lappy as of now.(Gaming PC in future). Is this one worth purchasing? Let me know if there is any other better Surge Protector. I am from mumbai. here is the link...
  2. B

    Powershot Vs IXUS in Canon.

    Whats the difference between the two series Powershot and IXUS in Canon. Which to prefer. I am a total novice in photography.camera is used for taking photos in family functions and occasional family tours. I am inclined towards purchasing Digital IXUS 130 model from Canon. Whether...
  3. R

    Please for purchasing New PC

    Hi guys can u help me for purchasing new PC 1. What is your MAX budget: 40 K 2. Are you open to alternate ideas/products giving similar better performance but offering more VFM/ sellers: Yes 3. What is the purpose of the computer: Software Development ( Like to run Oracle, Sql Server...
  4. A

    Purchasing cell phone from 'The Mobile Store'

    Hi all, :) I am thinking of purchasing N79, I want TV Out in it, so I asked many local dealers and NPDs, they all said that N79 now does not comes with TV Out and wont be coming in future. I asked at 'The Mobile Store' too but they said that N79 comes with TV Out and they have it..... Now I...
  5. LegendKiller

    Buying Mobile On Installment?

    Do mobile shops like mobile-store offer installment scheme while purchasing mobiles? I stay in Delhi...
  6. V

    ipod 80 gb for sale....

    guys my frend has ipod 80gb for sale.....he is selling it for purchasing new one with 160gbs......
  7. maverick786us

    Online Stores

    Can someone give me links to some of the online stores for purchasing hardware stuffs??
  8. C

    Suggest Laptop Confg.

    I am going to purchase a new Laptop in the next coming days. Please suggest me a good & suitable configuration for my Laptop, I am purchasing this Laptop for general purpose use not for gaming etc.
  9. T

    Purchasing peripherals thru online

    Hi All, I dont know whether this is relevant place to post the query. But any way I hope that I can get it clarified from you all. My doubt is while purchasing the peripherals from online shopping sites such as amazon, paypal etc., will there be any additional amount we have to pay in...
  10. J

    primeabgb now online

    Those of us interested in purchasing online will be interested to know that we can now purchase from Prime online. http://www.primeabgb.com/
  11. B

    Laptop Purchasing

    I want to purchase a laptop from online, so there is anyone know where should i purchase .
  12. Manshahia

    Want to purchase a good laptop.. Budget 45K

    Hi guys, my frnd wants to buy a laptop and he wants to go for LG RD400-5D4A2 http://www.lgindia.com/Product/Products-Detail.aspx?catid=68&Proid=4038 Is this laptop worth purchasing... Sudnt he go for some other manufacturer like Dell... Plz guide me...
  13. B

    DVD Writer Purchasing

    I am purchasing a DVD Writer, but i am confused which one is best today. Anyone please suggest so i will quick buy that DVD Writer. I have a Benq CD Rom and Asus CD Writer. :D
  14. Gaurav

    suggest me a bluetooth

    help me in choosing a USB bluetooth adapter, is it okayl purchasing a local brand ?help
  15. S

    Xbox in place of a Computer

    Hello Everyone!!! Friends i have few query/doubts regarding XBOX 360 and other Console like PS3 etc. Quries r here : - - Can we use XBOX 360 in place of a computer/with a computer or only with TV. - What kind of TV is compulsory for this. - What r the hidden expenses in this after...
  16. yogi7272

    se w550i

    hi guys .. i have decided on this phone .. se w550i .. i am content with its 256 mb memory.. price quoted is 9650 rs .. is it fine ? also what precautions should be taken while purchasing .. ? pls help
  17. S

    suggest me on some good monitor.......

    i am planning to buy a 19" monitor ........suggest me whether to buy crt or lcd ........my main purpose is movie, games and other things......is there any additional things that we have to look in for while purchasing........
  18. godsownman

    Digital Camera.

    I am thinking of purchasing a digital Camera can anybody guide me as to which are the good brands and what are the points to concentrate on when purchasing a camera . What should be the resolution also . Please let me know whatever you feel.
  19. nikhil


    help.....i am thinking about purchasing a dth but i don't know much about it...which brand is better...what about the warrantty? can it be installed by my self? what is the reception like?
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