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  1. Shah

    Puppy Linux not showing HDD

    I used UnetBootin to burn Puppy Linux's ISO to my pen drive and tried booting it. It booted up well. But, It isn't showing my HDD partitions. Only the USB pen drive from which I booted is visible. I even tried fdisk -l command. HDD wasn't listed in that result too. Any help?
  2. NewsBytes

    Lucid Puppy 5.0.1

    Many of us have old systems, which have processor power and memories that are laughable in this day and age. Now imagine using a latest operating system on the same old configuration. Lucid Puppy version 5.0.1 is the answer. Lucid Puppy or LuPu is a very light-weight Linux distro with its...
  3. Flashbang

    no wireless in puppy linux

    I am using puppy linux to boot in my dell XPS 1530 laptop using a pendrive. I discovered that the distro is not able to find my wireless card i.e. Intel Pro Wireless 3945 at all.In the internet by wireless option, it shows only eth0 which is my Ethernet port,no wireless even after i have...
  4. saurabh kakkar

    How to Configure MTNL Broadband in Puppy Linux

    After encountering mouse Undetection problem in puppy 4.1.2 I downloaded puppy 2.1.6 to gave a try and to my surprise it detected my mouse I m using puppy linux 2.1.6 on Virtual Pc 2007 but I m unable to use internet it is not able to detect my MTNL broadband earlier i had used DSL and ubuntu...
  5. User Name

    How is puppy Linux?

    anyone here tried puppy linux? is it portable? can i install it on pen drive/ external hard disk and then run it on any pc?
  6. layzee

    Installing KDE in Puppy 4.0 (Dingo)

    I have very recently switched to Puppy Linux 4.0 (Dingo) from Windows. After going through the net I found out that GNome and KDE can be installed on Puppy. I have installed Puppy on my USB drive and have also downloaded the KDE .SFS file which Puppy is configured to load at startup. But when I...
  7. layzee

    ADSL issues with Puppy Linux

    I have very recently switched to Linux. Since I fiddle a lot with Windows XP, I end up re-installing it every month. So, I decided to get a backup OS in case anything goes wrong. I ended up installing Puppy Linux 4.0 (Dingo) on my USB drive from the Digit September 2008 CD. Everything is...
  8. Faun

    Death Metaaaaaaaal Puppy

    For all metaaaaaaaaaal fans (including me...lolz), here is something awesome lol http://www.break.com/index/death-metal-puppy.html :D:D:D This puppy will kick some a$$
  9. CadCrazy

    Puppy Linux 4.00 Released

    After six months in the making, since the 3.01 release, Puppy Linux comes with a brand new version, 4.00. The size was drastically reduced, due to the new way of making the distribution: all the packages were compiled from source, with the T2 project. The older release, 3.01, was built by using...
  10. maximus999

    Error while booting Puppy Linux multisession Live CD?Plz help???

    According to the instructions provided there at the puppylunux websitei burnt a multisession Live CD...of Puppy 2.15CE Final using Nero 7. I dunno linux much but have tried Live Cds a lot of times;of Ubuntu6, Kubuntu 7.04 & Dreamlinux 2.2 MMGL Edition...They all work fine. Why am i not able to...
  11. R

    Puppy Linux

    I have Puppy Linux. Now I want to install it to my HDD. My HDD is 80GB Samsung SATA. I am at present running win xp pro sp2. How to install puppy linux to to My SATA HDD. I have tried their setuup wizard and I am not able to install it. Now there are new packages called dotpups. If install...
  12. R

    install openoffice 2 in puppy linux multisession live cd

    I am using puppy linux multisession live cd. The included software was inadequate for me. I want to install open openoffice 2. I have already downloaded this file . Now how to install this and write and save this to cd. I am dummy as far as linux is concerned. please help me. When I tried to...
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